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November 10, 2007

Clean Bill of Health!!

by Darla Mack

After having a rough month my doctor gave me the thumbs up sign for my after surgery follow-up.  No sign of infection!!!!!  Whew!!!  I hate health scares, but it taught me to start taking better care of myself and to follow the warning signs, ie pain of any sort.

My hubby still has a way to go before reaching 100%.  Right now he has this purple cast on his arm in order to put his pinky back into place and we still have to get that bone above his right eye checked out, but fortuntely his spirits are still good and that is helping his healing.

I would like to thank everyone for the comments, calls, donations, emails and cards.  Its nice to know that people that are worlds a way can someone seem so close in certain times of need.  Thank you all once again.

So, I guess it will be back to business on Monday! :)


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Carl Fares

Glad you're recoverd !!
keep us updated , Queen of Symbian
i miss ya alot and your blog posts !!

Marion Carroll

Darla! Where have I been...what happened? Were you and your husband in an accident? Sorry for the misinformed comment about you doctor visit. I thought you were informing us of a routine visit. I can't keep up with my feeds during school like during the summer months. Glad you're OK and hope Hubbie takes care of himself too.


richard baguley

Darla, good to hear you are doing okay after the surgery and whatnot. Our best to you and the hubby!

Baby Girl

Happy to hear that you and hubby are doing better. I'll keep you both of you in my thoughts.

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