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November 13, 2007

Bluetooth Keyboard Worth Looking At

by Darla Mack

I'm slowly moving into the world of Apple, but I'll get there eventually.  Having used the SU-8W bluetooth keyboard since owning my Nokia 6600 I really didn't come across anything that interested me... until now.

Applewirelesskeyboard Scott Janousek has an article on his site showing what could possibly be one of the things that I put on my Christmas list.  The Wireless keyboard by Apple.

Apple's Wireless Keyboard looks like a mini keyboard replacement and appears to be inviting to those with big fingers, ahem, like myself.  I like the fact that the keys are more spaced out.

The pricetag is more affordable than the SU-8W.  Retailing at $79.00 from Apple's online shop, I can see how this could be an ideal gadget for the holidays.  Did I mention that it is compatible with the Nokia N95?

Rumor has it that Nokia is working on an update to its Bluetooth keyboard but I'm not certain on the details.  It would be nice to see an update though. 

More info on the Apple Wireless Keyboard can be found here.


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but does it work with the n800? if so, i'm in!

Partners in Grime

My aluminum Apple keyboard is great. I can type faster on it than any other.

Max Waterman

I'm in the market for a new keyboard. Despite looking pretty (albeit in a typically Apple kind of way) I had thought the keys on the Apple one wouldn't 'feel' quite right. I read that Scott likes the 'feel', so I'd be interested in *your* thoughts on how usable it is in a real typing situation (a second opinion, if you like).

Also, does pressing the keys 'turn it on' in some way - ie Will putting it in a bag will drain the battery? I see an on/off button on the side...


Derek Coleman

Hmmm... I may have to hold off on my keyboard purchase if in fact Nokia will be updating it's bluetooth keyboard. Hope that rumor comes true.


@Darla, if you're switching from Windows to Mac I think you'll be disappointed with Nokia's Mac support. My E61 and N75 work great with iSync but Nokia Media Transfer is a mixed bag. Coming from Windows you'll be happy with NMT but if you really embrace Apple's UI design I think you'll be screaming at Nokia to get with it. Might even get you go buy an iPhone.

See these number: 9876543210+-

This is NMT trying to create a folder in iPhoto for my N75. Doesn't work for the E61 either. Anything relying on macros (I'm guessing here) doesn't give me confidence to robustness.

My N75 is going to become a secondary device to an iPhone. Mostly because I need a keyboard (virtual is better than tapping on a keypad - the last two weeks are driving me crazy with the N75). And I want me well constructed music and photo albums to "just work" on my mobile device.

Thus far, NMT is a no-go.

John Buckley

Hi, has anyone experienced success getting the Apple wireless keyboard to work with the Nokia N95 (8Gb)? I've tried numerous times getting my phone to recognise the keyboard with no success. Any ideas?

BTW nice blog, thanks! :)

Fazal Majid

The Apple wireless keyboard works just fine with the N800 (and ironically, not at all with the iPhone). If you have good eyesight, the N800 + wireless keyboard makes for a very lightweight mobile writing solution (although you would do well to consider the Alphasmart Dana).


I bought the new aluminium Apple Wireless Keyboard today and tried pairing it with my N95 (firmware v20.0.015) using the 'Wireless Keyboard" application but it refuses to connect!

Would anyone be kind enough as to shed some light on this issue I'm experiencing?

Dave Yang

It works with the N800 and N95, but sometimes it takes a few tries to pair with the device. I'm using it with the N95-3 and N800 with no problem. Still figuring out device-specific key mapping though.

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