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October 30, 2007

When Your Body is Telling You Something, You Might Have to Listen

by Darla

So many things have been going on in my life outside of the internet.  I try to make time and balance work and real-life but sometimes I'm just too stubborn to put things on hold.

As you know, my husband was recently hit by a car.  He's ok, but I tried to balance time in catching up with blogging and taking care of him and the kids.  Trying to be a superwoman is just stupid.  In doing all of that I neglected the pain that I was in because I didn't think it was that important.  Come to find out, I was wrong.

On Friday I was taken to the ER because I had a painful lump in my breast.  Yes its my own fault for letting it get that far, but I think I was just afraid of what the results might be.  It ended up being an infection which was non-cancerous, but because the infection had spread throughout my left breast I required surgery to have it removed.  The surgery went well and I returned home yesterday.  I will try and get some needed rest, but I wanted to share this with you for many reasons.

I'm noticing that blogging has become so competitive that WE will do anything, even put our own selves on hold just to try and outblog or outwrite someone else.  That has never been my method.  Although with the abundance of new bloggers coming to the plate it does seem hard to keep up.   

Thanks for all the text messages and emails that were sent while I was in the hospital.  Lol, Alan congrats on your N95 8GB!  And Debi.... thanks for all the joyful phone calls!

While blogging is a full-time thing for me, I now know that no story, post, or new device is more important that my health.  Hope all others take note.



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Nick Richards

Sorry to hear this, we're such fragile creatures, glad the doctors helped arrest the problem, I hope you recover well!

Thank you for your blogging contributions, they are interesting and useful to me!



Hope you get well soon Darla... I think you've got your priorities right now @-)--


Darla, thanks for all the blogging you have done... A*!! Great to hear you are ok.... loads of love and thanks from the Wet and Windy UK!


very good to hear that everything should be ok for you. scary how true some of the things you stated and it sometimes takes something major to bring you back down to earth so to speak. so from me and amy hope you get well soon and all the best to you and your fam!


All the best and i wish you a speedy recovery..
I know exactly what it means to "compete" about news for your blog.

Just get one thing back to your mind at least once a month: What is it all good for if you lose yourself over it? You're doing everything here for free, although the expectations are steadily rising. Time to cool that down by taking a break of at least a week per month with minimum publishings. It helps. Believe me. I did ;)

But it has an advantage too - you get back to biz fully loaded with eagerness and new ideas. Something your users will also profit from. And last but not least - as you can see it helps conserving your health ;)

Take care,
phanthomas from www.symbian60.mobi


Can always count on some drama from our favorite Diva. :)

We are all with you, near and far, stranger and friend.

Keep well and God bless. xoxo

Kevin C. Tofel

Rest up and get well, Darla. Your advice is spot-on as well: my first year of nearly full-time blogging was coupled with my full-time job. Between the two I was working one job or the other (or both at the same time) for 90+ hours a week. Eight months of that grind, seven days a week, yielded a 15% weight loss that I couldn't afford, poor eating habits and plenty of missed time with family and friends. Take care of yourself!


Your own health should be always a priority. Get well!

Geeky Acorn

Hope you're feeling better soon Darla. Your health is way more important. Take care.

Sharif M.

I hope you the best of health. Speedy recovery for you and your husband. My prayers for you.


I was really shocked when I read about this Darla. I really wish you the best, and hope you can go through this with all the strenght you have shown this far.

Your fan from Peru.


Hope your recovery is going well. And yes always put your heath first!!! Take Care. [email protected]

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