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October 11, 2007

Some Projects That I'm Working On

by Darla Mack

I've been a fan of Typepad Hacks for quite some time now.  The tips and tricks that John Unger provides are amazing for Typepad users.  I think my template has been hacked to death over the years to the point that I hardly remember where things are!

In the upcoming months I'm going to make a few changes, some subtle and some major.  Right now I decided to play with the idea of having a forum built in to my site.  It's still in beta but please feel free to check it out and provide feedback.  Lol, I'm not new to forums, just new to the creating one.  After moderating for 5 years you'd think that I would know how this all works!!

For Typepad users interested in this hack, please visit here.


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hmmmm, that's disturbing. I went to sign up and my hofo call sign "greenteeth" was taken?!?! Who would want such a ridiculous name anyway?!? =)

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