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October 08, 2007

So Where Are The Carry Cases?

by Darla Mack

I've received a few emails inquiring as to where the carry cases are for the N95-3, N95 8GB and N81.  I think those are valid questions, don't you?  I myself have the same question.

Seems like the carry cases are all plastered on the Nokia Europe site.  Ok but thats not good enough for the users in the US.  It's been a common routine that carry cases aren't available upon device release.  Why is that?  Users want to protect their investment as soon as its out of the box.  My N95-3 came with a cool carry pouch (same one that came with the N95) but because of the constant taking out and putting back in it somehow got lost while I was in LA.  Lol, its either in the 300c or the Escalade. 

Last week Phil modelled a cool option for carrying his N95 around, but other than that post which of course leads back to Nokia Europe, US consumers can't find it on the NokiaUSA site. 

Nokia_cp191 Nokia_cp235

The Image on the left is the CP-191 which is the standard case for the Nokia N95.  The image on the right is the CP-235 which is for the Nokia N95 8GB.  So which one would you think will fit the N95-3?  Not to worry... I have someone looking into that.

Nokia_cp222As for the Nokia N81's, this simple pouch is what they have listed.  The CP-222 doesn't seem very suitable for something that is so feature packed as as the N81, but then again it is a pouch.  I wonder when any of these will be available.  Users want their device and accessories at the same time, so why not have them out and available?

I personally think that NokiaUSA should redesign their online store so that users can have an easier order process.  Something similar to Shop.nokia.co.uk.


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What's the story with that one on the right? What's the sense in having a cutout for the lens when there's no way to activate the capture button! Now that's a bit silly, isn't it? Am I missing something- are these official Nokia products?

At any rate, won't the cases for original N95s fit the new models?

Jim Hughes

Maybe it's a US thing - I see a lot of Americans with phones on their belts, but Europeans tend to put the phone in their pocket (without a case).

The last time I had a case for a phone was 11 years ago with my Nokia 2110, and that was a right royal pain.



The N95-3 fits into the standard N95-1 case (CP-191). Here are some pictures:



No kidding!

you could try otterbox.com for something rugged.. they have cases for everything! Cheers, Glenn (SymbianOne.com)


I agree that Nokia could do a better job on selling their own accesories. I have been patiently waiting for the official leather case for the n800, and it finally became available last month. Only problem is that America cannot directly purchase the stunning red leather case. We only get one color. While I am sure the black case is beautiful, I would rather have the red case. I have written Nokia twice via their website, but no response. I even called both Flagship stores and they could not offer anything else. If I knew someone in Italy, I would buy the red one and have it shipped to them and then have them send it to me in the states. Even that is a bit much just to get the case that is advertised by the manufacture of my device.

Darla Mack

Thanks for the pics! That definately clarifies things a bit.


Lol yeah these are official Nokia products. I think that side flap folds over to reveal the buttons. Thats just my assumption though.

@ Demetri,

I'm not certain, but I thought I saw the red case listed on MobilePlanet.com a while back.


Darla - For me the real issue for the N95-3 case is protection for the lens now that the cover is gone - please let us know what you find

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