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October 08, 2007

Nokia Updates Online Share

by Darla Mack

Nokia has updated its Online Share application and is now available for download from Nokia Beta Labs.

So far the application is really cool.  Nice UI and the service activation function has been enhanced to make the process less painful. 

Share Online update 3.0 is available for the N73 and N95.  One thing that bothered me was that it doesn't automatically update from 2.0.  You must uninstall 2.0 before updating.


Currently only Flickr, Vox and ikibis can be activated.  Not like on version 2.0 where you can add additional services such as Typepad and Twango.

For Flickr users, the set-up is marvelously easy!  And the new features that are included remind me of the Zurfer application that I'm so fond of.

Share_online_flick Share_online_30_flickr1


Setting up Vox is basically the same and ikbis is something new to me. 

While I love the enhancements on Flickr with the new Share Online, I do hope that they implement other features such as geotagging and adding the ability for more services. 

Do stop by Tommi's blog to share your thoughts and feedback and remember to also leave your feedback on the Nokia Beta Labs site.


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Im still trying to figure out if this is compatible with the E Series.

Antonio Faria

"You must uninstall 2.0 before updating."

That's correct but before that you need to remove any flickr or other accounts to perform the uninstall


Hi Darla,

Do you see this as more advantageous that using the N95's built in Flickr support? Right now I use that, sometimes Lifeblog & just started playing around with Shozu. Will this one program replace those three? Can it?

Darla Mack


Hmm I didn't do that. I just uninstalled the previous version.


If Flickr is the only thing that you use than this would be great for you! This is actually an update to the built in Flickr support.



Thanks! But now I'm having an issue after installing SH 3.0; I can't upload anything to Flickr! Every time I try I get a "API key or signature is invalid" message. Any suggestions?

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