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October 01, 2007

Nokia Nseries Unlock LA Party - Recap

by Darla Mack


One of the reasons that I love parties is because you get the chance to network.  Yeah open-bar might be a thrill for some, but my favorite part is putting faces to the names that I associate with.  Meeting new people and hanging out with the ones that you've met before.  I got the chance to see Steve Garfield, Jonathan Greene, Mark Guim and Ricky again, and even though my goal of snatching Ricky's hat and holding it hostage was still on my to-do list, there was so much going on that I never got to it.

The evening began with us meeting at the hotel and awaiting our coach.  Driving up to the Hollywood hills none of the passengers knew what to expect.  Ricky did a brief driving with the Guru but I haven't seen it yet.  Lol, there are so many videos around.

There were so many interesting points of this event and the experience.  I think the highlite for me was finally meeting Bill Plummer.  In the world of Nokia news and things that go on, his is one of the names that I come across when it comes to business in the NA market.  Ricky joked at me when I said I was fairly star-struck, but that was basically the feeling that I had.

Another highlite was seeing Slingplayer in action.  I was able to meet with product manager, Vicky Shum who gave me a demo on how Slingplayer works.  With the release of the Nokia N95-3 SlingPlayer for Nokia has been made available as a free download.

Of course, being with the WOMWorld crew was a blast.  Donna and I being the diva's that we are shared our Diva spotlight with Susan Kirkpatrick of KityKity.com

I must say that Nokia definitely knows how to throw a party.  Almost everything that was there that evening, with the exception of the food, was done with an Nseries device.  The DJ produced music from the N95 8gb.  Images were taken and printed out using the N95.  GPS demos were given as well as the Slingplayer demos.  Talk about a night of excitement.

Now since there was open bar, I will say that the set-up was pretty cool.  There was a stand where you could order your drinks from the bar via the N800 Internet Tablet and your drink was brought to you.  The drinks were named accordingly, however, I'm only familiar with one... the Multiplay.  Don't ask what was in it because I don't remember but it was some kind of blue martini. 

I would like to extend my thanks to Nokia and WOMWorld for allowing me the opportunity to share this special Nseries event.  Until next time...

images can be seen on my Flickr page.


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Daniel Meyer


The other drinks at the party were the Multiplay, the Charger, and the GPS. The only one I couldn't remember was the one you had ;) I was going to come over and say hi and introduce myself, but when I was done playing with the N800, you were gone. Oh well, maybe at the next one. Tootles~!


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