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October 23, 2007

Nokia N95 8GB Selling at Nokia Flagship Stores

by Darla


On Wednesday, both Chicago and New York Flagship stores will begin selling the Euro 3G Nokia N95 8GB.  The retail price will be $779 for those that just can't wait for the US variant.

*UPDATE:  The NYC Flagship Store will have their shipment in on Thursday.  Sorry about the mix-up.


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Is there any info about when US variant will be available?



Is it only the Flagship Stores where you can buy such a device? Are you aware of any such store in Europe? I couldn't find their web page, even though I heard it was possible to order device through the site.




I doubt there will be a US variant. If Nokia does this, as they did with the N95, I think alot of people will be totally PO'd. But they would still buy it lol


Is this right??? I was in the store last Friday and was told by a sales and confirmed by another sales that the phone will arrive around Thanksgiving. Nokia USA really has to work on communicating information to their customers more properly.



You mention a U.S. variant. I hadn't heard of that before. What more can you tell us about it?


Well, the question is when, rather than whether. I think it is quite possible, or even likely, that a US N95 8GB would appear in about 9 months from now..


Tote - Are you looking to buy this in Europe? Its on general release now, you can buy it in shops through Vodafone in the UK - so I assume it will be similar in other EU countries?


I just purchased my 8gb N95 from Mobilecityonline.com. with overnight
shipping, I expect it here tomorrow. it seems Mobilecity got it before
the flagships.


the phone is available at the NYC store. My name was on the list, got a call from them yesterday regarding the availability.
reached the store at 7:00 p.m. I got the phone..wow it's incredible. it costed me $844.0 after taxes.


Chris, I'm thinking of purchasing the Nokia N85 8 GB from Mobilecityonline.com too. Are you happy with the phone and buying it from Mobilecityonline.com? Please let me know. Thanks! :)


Hmmm... if this 8GB phone is the Euro version, does that mean the phone will have some features that we *won't* be able to use here in the U.S.?


where can i buy the n95 8gb in kansas city? please HELP!


Hi! I have a question, Nokias US site is selling the N95 8b, some sites say that won't work on US 3g networks (AT&T). I'm thinking of getting one, what's your take on that. Some comments I've read on sites seem to contradict each other. Thanks.


Jeremy S

Yea, I was wondering the same thing. Will the Euro 8GB N95 work with any higher speed networks in the US? I don't think At&T 3G will work with it, but does it maybe work with Edge? I have to decide today if I want the US 3G one or the 8GB one, price is no matter.


as long as the N95 is unlocked, it will work with any GSM provider. and yes! it will work on AT&T's 3G network.

Jeremy S

It is clear that the 8GB will NOT support the AT&T 3G band as the 8GB does not have the same radio as that of the N95-3. The 8GB has 2100mhz, a standard used worldwide, except of course in the US. And the N95-3 has the UMTS1900 capability that the N95 8GB would seem to lack.

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