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October 21, 2007

New Site Design!!

by Darla Mack

I've been wanting to change the layout of my site for quite some time now.  I kept getting hints that my site needed to be a bit more Web 2.0ish, so today I kept my buddy Paul hostage while he created some beautiful changes!!  I've also added the forum and new mobile link to my nav bar. 

Anyone interested in turning their site into a mobile version should definitely check out Mowser.  It's amazing!!!! 

Still need to do some more tweaks but I'd love any feedback or suggestions that you might have.


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This is better than before Darla!
But i feel you need to make better demarcations between the different sections on your sidebars! Right now they look too clumsy and shoddy!

Also, the links on the top most part of the site currently occupy 2 line along with the search bar. Make the search bar shorter and fit them in one bar only.

Also, the short pink bar below your banner is lying unused. Either use it or remove it.

Looks much better now, hope it gets even better.


Way to go Darla !

Darla Mack

Thanks guys!

@Alsiladka, I'm still working on some things. What browser are you using?


My suggestion: Keep rocking, Darla!


Liking the new look site Darla!


Love the new layout Darla - good work!

One piece of feedback though, I've used Mowser to read your site before and I've got to say they're good. But Mippin is SO much better.
I don't work the guys at Refresh anymore so my opinion is hand-on-heart without bias.

Point your phone's browser to http://www.mippin.com - then browse to the 'Mobile' category. One of the last things I did before I left was to make sure your site was in there and Darla, it looks GOOD.

I was reading about your layout on the way in this morning actually (via Mippin) - s'weird, coulda sworn you were on the beta..

Hmm -

Hit me up on MSN if you've got any questions. But seriously - give it a go.
As I said - Mowser are good... But Mippin are better.

Sorry to go off on one - will hush now!

;) x


Excellent progress . . . Just one thought - Love the 'Darla' font, not loving the 'Days in the life' font. Brushscript is quite dated.

Darla Mack

Hmmm, do you think I should revert back to my previous banner image?

Antoine of MMM/Brighthand

Very nice Darla. This is a nice refresh.


Congrats, Darla. General Layout looks much better now, but there´s still a certain "gadget-overload", if you know what i mean..


hi, been reading your blogs and visiting the site from waaaaay back.. and you're one reason i bought my e61i. lol. anyway i love your site design. i never thought pink would be nice to look at. hehe. anyway, just to let you know, im not sure if this is only happening to me, but it seems that the formatting of your page is a lil messed up. the entries seem to extend all the way to the right, causing them to be buried behind the two vertical panes you have for previous posts and ads.. here, take a look, i had this on fullscreen when i captured the image. http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b388/calvin0176/darlamack.jpg

Darla Mack

Thanks for the image gibo. Are you using IE or Firefox? I'll have to see if I can get that fixed.


I'm using IE6. ALTHOUGH, when I'm at home (cuz I'm at work now LOL) everything seems to be fine; Im using the latest IE and Firefox browser. I'll go check on this, and I'll update you ;-)


hi darla, anyway, check this http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b388/calvin0176/darlamack2.jpg

i think its just the browser im using at work thats all whacked up. anyway, great site design..

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