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October 02, 2007

New N76 Firmware Update Includes New Search Feature

by Darla Mack

N762 N763 Thanks to a great find on The Nokia Guide, N76 users can now update their devices to include some new features.

According to the info on WomWorld, the new update (v30.0.015) adds a new search feature to the active standby screen, meaning that you can search your entire device from the home screen.

Sounds like a handy tool to have.  Wonder how long until the N95 gets an update. 

Hmmm, if they can add search to Active Stand-by, why not Email?


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Hi, you can get a mobile search application for your n95 here: http://mobilesearch.nokia.com/A4160036?mobile_search. You could also add email to your active standby screen yourself?

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