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October 01, 2007

New Download! Content for US Nokia's

by Darla Mack

Nokia_n953_download Upon browsing the download catalog of my N95-3 I came across some new content available. 

As you know, Sling Media announced the availability of Sling Player for S60 last week and its now in the Download! catalog.  US N95 users can download SlingPlayer Mobile free of charge.

Earthcomber is a personal radar detector for your device that utilizes GPS to locate points of interest anywhere in the US.

You can use Earthcomber as-is, anonymously, to find  the most popular things in the most common situations. But, you can also personalize Earthcomber to look for the special things and people you like, wherever you go in the US.

Slifter is like having a personal shopper in your device. 

Slifter web and a mobile phone application that lets you search for your products and brands from both online and offline stores. Slifter also allows you to see images of those products, and share them with friends or save them to your personal shopping list.

Looks like the catalog is shaping up a bit. 


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Content seems to vary in the UK as well. Over the last couple of weeks our content has been changing as well. More 3rd party options becoming available especially games.

P.S. Is that the Nokia 5700 Super Scratchin theme I see there? Glad to see you managed to get the download from the link. :)

Jim Brady


Answer to your question: Yes!

To personalize with 1,000s of choices (or go through a wizard), just go to www.earthcomber.com and create an account. Hit "My Favorites" and edit the lists to your heart's delight. Delete lists, compose new ones. Mix, match, whatever until you have a Look List to match any mood or mode (Driving with the kids, Pub Crawling, Sunday Best, etc.) you're in.

Now, fire up Earthcomber on your N95 (psst! You can D/L this app for ANY series 60 device! See mobile.earthcomber.com). Go to the last tab, login, then go to the Find Stuff tab and, whoa! All your new lists, your exact faves. Freaky! And, now that you exist as a user, you can see other friends (from any phone network!) who are on Earthcomber. That's free, too.

Of course, the easy thing is to just use anonymously with the standard starter set. They hit a good mix for most. Hope to hear what people want us to do for new & improved updates!



SlingPlayer can be downloaded by more than just N95 users. I have the N75 and I have SlingPlayer successfully installed. Now if I only had a Slingbox....


Ah you smug N95 users! What about the poor N80 users. With the N80's high resolution, the viewing area when using Slingplayer mobile is about the size of a postage stamp - c'mon Slingmedia, show us you care!

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