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October 09, 2007

Jaiku and Google Are Joined!

by Darla Mack

GooglejaikuToday's news came as a surprise because, well, no one knew about it.  Except of course maybe the people at Jaiku and Google.

Jaiku announced today that it has been acquired by Google.  Congrats to Jyri and the team!!!!  But my thing is this... why didn't Nokia move into this deal?  I feel instead of getting involved with Twango they should have held out on this.  How is it that a company from Mountainview California move into Nokia territory and scoop up a company from Finland?  Is this another missed boat?

While I'm happy for the Jaiku team I personally think Nokia missed out on the opportunity to advance its presence in Web 2.0 by letting this slip.  But then again... thats just my opinion.

Many Nokia S60 users have been members of Jaiku for quite some time now and existing users will have no worries regarding their account and functions.  New users are limited for the time being.

For more info check out the Jaiku Blog and FAQ's.


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This news surprised me too!

But Nokia isn't a stranger in Silicon Valley. In fact, there is a Nokia office in Mountain View, near Google! (also Nokia Research at Palo Alto, and N-Gage at San Francisco!)

Michael Aaron

Any updates on whether an N95 case will fit an N95-3?

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