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October 20, 2007

Living a Greener Lifestyle - Cutting Back On The Abundance of Paper Bills

by Darla Mack

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Bills One thing that I used to be proud of was the fact that up until 2 months ago I had managed to save all of my bills from T-Mobile.  I'm talking about almost 10 years of bills, all in chronological order. 

Each month when I received my bill I would write notes on it of conversations to customer care, upcoming rate plans and features, phone prices and anything else that I thought that I would need somewhere down the line.

I realized that after almost 10 years of collecting, the only time this came in handy was last year when I filed taxes and claimed my Federal Excise Tax refund. 

When I signed up for Cingular/AT&T my first paper bill was as thick as a paperback book!  Didn't quite understand why since there was hardly much activity.  This was way before the 'iPhone paper waste' topics that were so widely spoken about.  (see here, here and here)  I compared both providers billing style and came to the conclusion that AT&T ridiculously wastes paper. 

So a few months ago, I decided to opt out on paper billing and go the paperless route.  Not so much to save space in my cabinets for something else, but to save on the amount of trees that are being destroyed just so that I may take notes.  I think it was the sensible choice since I pay my bill online anyway.

T-Mobile introduced its paperless billing back in June of 2005.  I was a bit skeptical at first because I didn't have any paper to write on when it came to calling in for a specific reason, but I learned to overlook that by using the notepad function on either my laptop or my mobile. 


I know I'm making a difference but no matter how small that change may be, at least I'm on the road to a more greener lifestyle... are you?

For more info and tips on how to live a greener lifestyle, please visit Green is Universal.


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It's good to be green. I signed up for paperless billing almost right after T-Mobile started offering it. It's MUCH more convenient. I can look at my bill any time I want. It annoys the hell out of me when some credit cards offer "Paperless billing" and tell you that from now on you will receive an electronic bill BUT for your records they still continue to mail you the paper bill. That's not green...that's rotten. Another convenience of paperless lifestyle (not just billing) is what I'm doing now... I'm still in Poland caring for my mom yet at the same time I'm taking care of my mortgage refinancing. Every single thing my financial adviser is asking for I can e-mail him by going to my bank, credit card or whatever financial institution and just get him the required data. What I'd LOVE to see is electronic signature, smart card or fingerprint based (my brand new lappy has fingerprint scanner so why not putting it to good use??) and financial data sharing. For example you apply for mortgage. Anyone that needs to get your financial statistics would request it from you electronically. Then you could share this info by using your private smart card or fingerprint..you get the idea...


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