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October 03, 2007

BL-6F Into Nokia N95 - Yes It Can Be Done, But...

by Darla Mack

Jose_R.A.M. (Jay) from the Mobileburn.com forum took a video showing that the BL-6F battery CAN in fact fit into the regular Nokia N95's.  Yes I've seen the video and read the posts... missed the in person demo though while Jay was demonstrating.  My thing is this... in order for this to work you have to ditch the use of the battery cover and use one of the crystal cases.

N95_with_bl6f I'm not trying to sound like a negative person on this, but there is no way I'm gonna try and wedge that battery into my N95.  Now this isn't to say that I didn't try but seeing as it took a bit more strength to try and wedge that battery in under the curve of the camera lens I refrained from going any further.  My thought on the situation... if it don't fit don't force it!

Nokia must have a reason that this battery isn't made for the older N95's.  Why mess with it.  Not to mention that I don't like the crystal cases either.  I happened to chat with someone in LA who dropped their phone one time and got a piece missing out of the corner of his case. 

While I applaud Jay's efforts on trying this out I would have to say that I decline from using this method.  But if you are dying to have that extra power than feel free to proceed.

[via: Symbian-Guru, My Nokia Blog]


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I think I'd still rather carry around my Proporta USB charger. This just seems like too wonky a setup for some reason- and I hate how quickly those crystal cases get scratched up and crack.

Darla Mack

That Proporta charger was really cool. I'm thinking of picking one up for myself.

Mike Bowen

I too have the Proporta USB Battery and it more than does the trick for my Nokia N95, and my N95 still looks good with it plugged in. Why would you want to ruin a good thing with one of those clear covers?


Im pretty sure you must take off the back cover of the n95. As in, not the battery cover, but the whole thing that holds the battery cover in place.

Then put the bl-6f in, then put the entire back over on again, and put the crystal case over the back cover to hold it in place.

I too tried to wedge the bl-6f under the curve and got nowhere. Jay should of actually mentioned this on his blog.

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