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September 24, 2007

Typepad Silently Updates Its Mobile App for S60 3rd Edition and Adds iPhone App

by Darla Mack

Typepad_mobile_s603rd_a Typepad_mobile_s60_3rd_post Typepad_mobile_s603rd_b


Now that I've got my Lifeblog app working again and configured my Online Share to include Typepad's  api, Typepad releases an update to its mobile application to include S60 3rd edition devices.  Typepad Mobile was released last August and as you can see it took almost a year to get it updated. 

I'm happy about this because this way I can blog using my categories instead of waiting to get back to a pc or laptop to edit a blog post.  The only thing I can't figure out is how to adjust the default image size.  Check out my test post here.

To download Typepad Mobile for S60 please visit here.

Typepad also introduced an application for iPhone and iTouch users.  Since I have neither I can't quite comment on that, but since it was fairly relative I thought I'd mention it. :)


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Do you know of a similar client for Movable Type?


wahh cool!! how i wish there will be a mobile version (s60 app) of blogger.com ..


Is there a way to use this with some free blog ?

International calls from mobile

I was a keen blogger too. Wow I wish I could get that application as soon as possible. Its sometimes a waste of time to go in front of a PC or laptop to share some thoughts. Its more convenient and easy to do blogging when you have the application on your personal mobile phone. In that way you can blog and share some ideas anywhere and where ever you are.

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