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September 24, 2007

A Brief Look at the Nokia N95 US 3G, PT. 1

by Darla Mack



Last week I was fortunate to receive a N95 US 3G.  The first N95 for to support 3G for the US market.  Now just a bit a clarification, the N95-3 as it is numerically named is said to be released sometime this week at Nokia Flagship stores.  Don't quote me but it could possibly be the same day as the Digital Life Expo which starts on the 27th until the 30th.

Nokia_n953_screenshot The N95-3 sports a new BL-6F battery which is said to provide a better battery life than that of its European predecessor.  I plan on doing a battery comparison test just to see how different this proves to be, so stay tunned for that.  I can tell you this much though, the regular  N95's BL-5F battery will fit into the N95-3, but unfortuntately not vice versa.   

The N95-3 has 5 preinstalled games.  Brain Challenge, Lumines Puzzle Fusion and Midnight Pool all by Gameloft; Jellypop and Sudoku developed by Octopi and powered by Nokia's Snap Mobile.  Since this is a proto I can't be exact on what comes preinstalled on the retail devices.

The inbox contents were the same as the Euro N95 except with the addition of the 1gb micro sd and carry sleeve like the one that comes with the N93. 

One funny thing that I noticed (which may or may not be of any importance) is that the voice on call dialect is more accurate.  In my contact list I have my husbands cell phone number listed as "hubby".  My Euro N95 announces it as 'Heuby', which is totally confusing for me because my brother's name is Heuby.  Of course looking at the screen prior to answering the phone is a must for me in this case.  But it is now pronounced correctly, lol.

I'll cover more on the device through the week. 

*The N95-3 is expected to be available in both NYC and Chicago flagship stores sometime this week with the first color availability being the brown sand color.  The black N95-3 will be available soon after that.


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Mark Guim

you gonna fly to NY after the LA party for digital life?


Hi Darla!
Did you try to put the BL-6F on your "old" N95?


Hey Darla,

Is that a proto or the production version one? Cause we weren't fortunate to get a BL6F battery.. :-(

Congratulation BTW..


I look forward to your review.. in particular the strength of the battery :)


ugh... I'm so mad, i just bought an n95 this summer too... WIshed I would've waited


Congrats! I trust that you will be quite careful in the battery comparison test in particular with regard to "connected to 3G or not", i.e. that you will compare as similar usage and connectivity as possible. Anyway, can't wait to see the full review!


Is T-Mobile planning on supporting 3G?


wah.. cool.. any difference of the n95 euro slide & this us 3g n95?


Does it work with Rhapsody.....?


Nice review now i'm jealous i don't have that extra ram :D


Hang on.. Is that a memory card slot on the 8gb n95??


Ah.. sigh.. it's just a us 3g n95, not an 8 gig n95. Sigh. there goes the 14 gig mega phone plan :P

Account Deleted

Hi Darla,

what nice app is that, showing the usage of your phones memory?

Hannes from www.mobcar.de


I want one of these, but what I am going to do with my current n95?


Nokia today has released the N95-3 (black) not just at the flagship stores (heard sand). The N95-8g will not have a external port to hold a memory card and the battery will not fit the old N95 from either new version.

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