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August 27, 2007

Wireless IRC for S60 3rd Edition!

by Darla Mack

Wirelessirc0027 I honestly can't tell you how long I've been waiting for this!!!  ThisT

Ewan Spence gave me the heads up a few weeks ago while in Helsinki and now I can finally exhale.

WirelessIRC by Mobileways is now available for S60 3rd edition devices. 

Authors Notes:

WirelessIRC v1.01 is a native IRC client for your S60 3rd Edition phone.

Chat with thousands of other people on the Internet Relay Chat or talk on your local WLAN network via Bonjour Local Chat!

WirelessIRC connects you to any IRC network while you're on the move. Be in touch with your friends everywhere at any time.
With the help of WirelessIRC's Auto-Completion of commands, channels and nicknames, you can chat more comfortably and quicker.

WirelessIRC will automatically grab URLs, save them for copy & paste or post them to your del.icio.us account!
Semi-transparent windows let you keep track of various conversations at a glance.

WirelessIRC requires an internet connection - either via WLAN or mobile internet (GPRS, UMTS, CSD, ...)

WirelessIRC can be purchased for $19.95 from Handango.  There is also a 15 day trial available.

[via:  AllAboutSymbian]


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Don't forget mIRGGI, the free, simple IRC client for S60v3. :) http://mirggi.net


i've already sent an email to mobileways about this.

bassicly, i'm disapointed with it, where is the notification bubble? i'd preferr it instead of the Semi-transparent window blocking my reading of the channel/private chat. hope that they includ an opinion to switch between the notification bubble and Semi-transparent window.

other thing and the main reason i still use version 1.82 on my 6630 instead of for example the so called simple mIRGGI on my N95: on 6630 almost all irc commands are available via the left soft key. on mIRGGI you have to write EVERYTHING, and in this new version of Wireless Irc it's almost like mIRGGI, but with Auto-Completion of commands,i think it's rather annoying. Please use a proper commands menu instead of having to write them with whois, whowas, nickserv and others included in version 1.82 for 6630 but were left of on this version.

for now i'm not paying for it. i used it a few times and deleted it. Untill new version is realesed, i will be using the old 1.82 on my 6630.


Its a good application. and the UI is very nice & easy to use.. but the only thing i hate is, why there is no sound for chat notification? Or its just me because i don't really search for it hehe


Used it for a while but it's not the mobile irc I'm searching for.
Thing missing is the option to use blowfish encryption.
And until there isn't any symbian version of such encryption add on I'm stuck to my pc

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