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August 27, 2007

Windows Live Mobile Available from Nokia - But It's Not Free

by Darla Mack

Tout_getwinlive We finally have a solution for Windows Live Mobile from Nokia.   But as you can see on the support page, the US market is not yet supported. 

Presently, Windows Live Messenger can only be downloaded and installed by accessing it via the Download! folder on selected Nseries devices in selected regions. 

What's interesting about this is that Live Search, Windows Live Spaces, Hotmail and Contacts are free services but you can only use Messenger during the 30 day trial period at no charge.  After that consumers will be notificed of the monthly fee that will be assessed in order to continue using the service.  According to Microsoft's Phil Holden the fee will be around 2 euros per month.

For more info check out Windows Live 4 Nokia.

UPDATE:  For those who's region wasn't listed on Nokia's site, my buddy [email protected] has the files available for download!


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Ordxpres - Maciek

Hmmm....NO THANKS. I already pay for data. On top of that if MS wants my to use their messenger (which is free on PC) why would I pay them to use it on my phone. I think this will be a good killing point for other services that will go against Microsoft on this one.



The point is - how MUCH will MS charge the users for using their PIM? Does anyone have any info on that topic? Didn´t find a source yet that did leak out that quite important info.. Would really be interested in the price-model. Will it be a timelimited period you pay for? Will it be a full license?


The monthly fee is for the Messenger app and will be about 2 euros.


i'm not willing to pay for an app that (and using my 8MB ADSL connection) takes at least 5 minutes to connect and to show all the contacts on line. it looks like it's connecting using a 56k old modem

not to mention the fact that when i'm chatting with someone, the messages are not all delivered and i have to send them again... 2 or even 3 times.

so i use Turbo Msn


yeah, this messenger is SERIOUSLY SLOWW! I can't connect it using gprs! But if I use wifi, the contacts loads very very slow! and it doesn't load all of the contacts! Urgh! So I think I'll stick to Turbo, IM+ and also Agile =)


Thanks, Darla - couldn´t find any pricing info on my own at all..


Hi - I guess I got here late, but could it be you have misread the information on the 30 day trial? Or perhaps the plans for the US are different than for Europe? After I downloaded Live Messenger on my N73 (in the Netherlands), I read the description that came with it and what is says was (translated literally from Dutch): Currently, Microsoft does not charge for the use of Windows Live services. In the future it is possible that there will be costs involved, but you will be notified 30 days in advance of that. So far so good - haven't received any notification :-)


Hi. I installed the MSN from Microsoft, i live in Mexico, and everything seems to work fine. the conection takes about 1 min. with WIFi, but once it is connected works fine and fast.

Carlos Valente

I have Windows Live on y N81. It takes a few seconds to start, but then it works perfectly. But, at the end of 3 months, yes! three months!!! they try to charge me the service up to €2\month. Now i'm searching for a free version...

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