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August 03, 2007

Who's Ears Are These Headsets For?

by Darla Mack

Warning... this post might come across as totally unimportant to some.

I've come across many bluetooth headsets over the years.  Some more comfortable than the last.  Some with pretty nifty designs but less function and some with all the functions but crappy designs.  As of now I've settled on the BH-800 which I like very much and so far its on the top of my list as far as comfort goes.

After converting my sister-in-law to AT&T and suggesting she get a Nokia N75 I gave her my HS-26w (yes the pink one).  For about an hour she fussed with it and just came to terms that it wasn't for her.  After we discussed it a bit we both came to the conclusion... who's ears are these things designed for anyway?

In the world of fashion we've learned that "all size 8's aren't the same".  That can be based on clothes and shoes.  Now since I am a female I can only go by those shopping methods.  Lol, I don't know how you guys shop but I would assume that the same rule applies.

In the recent releases of Nokia's new bluetooth headsets I started wondering if there is an "ear model".  I know that sounds funny but one would have to question just who's ears these headsets are tested on. 


Shapes and sizes are funny.  You may have the same size ear as someone else but its shaped different.  Or your ear hole may be positioned differently.  Don't tell me that I'm the only person that thinks of these  things!!!

Another thing that seems to be an ongoing issue is for people who wear glasses but this is nothing new.  Don't get me wrong, I like the designs of some of the headsets available but there must be some more realistic designs in the works.

My friend Josh, who is in his mid-30's has come to terms with his cute dumbo-like ears.  Unfortunately there isn't a bluetooth headset out there for him.  I discussed this topic with him and he felt the same way.

Wouldn't it be great if you could have a headset customized specifically for your ear?

image courtesy of The University of Sheffield


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Lolzor, funny as cos we just got new headsets at work, that you can change from over the head to on the ear, and i was thinking (as i could not get it to fit roung the ear right) that this is probably the main reason i dont have one for the phone, plus my sennheisers pump a lot more sound ...

Ricky Cadden

Very interesting post, Darla. I've often wondered the same thing, as I've tried several different headsets. I think I have weird ears cause I've only found one that was actually comfortable.


I have the same problem, only for me it's little tiny Asian ears. No earbuds fit in my ears at all! It's a curse I'm never going to be rid of. Good thing some people make in-ear headphones...


I have this problem with all headphones, bluetooth or wired, supplied with most phones. The worst ones are the wired headphones where they're totally symmetrical, they never seem to anchor themselves properly in my ears and keep falling out.

However, I have found a solution. You can actually use your own headphones with bluetooth if you get the *extremely* underrated Nokia BH-500 kit. It plugs on the end of any standard 3.5mm headphones, and includes music controls and a built in microphone.


I say kit because it includes lots of bits and bobs like some 3.5mm headphones, a selection of different ear buds and a bluetooth dongle for using it with your PC.

Nokia never ever seems to advertise this accessory, and no one else seems to know about it either, but IMHO it's much more useful than normal bluetooth headsets.


You guys aren't alone, I have yet to find a well-fitting bluetooth headset, or even wired headset and it's not like its easy to try them out for size. I would just like something that doesn't fall out of my ear when i turn my head.


I'm sure its possible Darla...how much money you got!

Sal C

Wow, really interesting post. I always have trouble with earpieces and have had to pass on a number of otherwise great products because the fit just wasn't there. One company who I can rely on is Shure, their earphones tend to fit me well, but the rest (especially when dealing with Bluetooth models) are really hit and miss.


Really funny and interesting!

Liz Henry

Yes! There should be different styles and sizes. Someone would have to invent ear fitting terminology, like bra cup sizes! Maybe in the world of hearing aids, someone has already done this.

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