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August 24, 2007

Special Edition Nokia N73 to Celebrate Ramadan

by Darla

N73_meaNokia has launched a special edition Nokia N73 in honor of the Holy month of Ramadan.  The special edition N73 will be available exclusively to Middle East and North Africa markets.   

The Special edition will feature a beautiful new white color and will be packaged with a 2GB micro SD card, matching leather pouch and stereo headset.

What makes this so special is that it will also include a full range of applications, carefully tailored to meet the needs of consumers in the Arab world.

Now please don't take this the wrong way.  While I appreciate the fact that Nokia is acknowledging the fact of Ramadan, I don't really agree with the introduction of a new device just to do so.  According to the available applications in the new device, I don't understand why the content wasn't just made available as a download from one of the Nokia sites.  That way it could reach people internationally.

Packed with applications 

The new Nokia N73 Special Edition includes a unique portfolio of pre-loaded applications including a collection of Azkars for the morning and the evening, an Islamic Organizer with audible alarms for the five daily prayers, a Qibla direction indicator and a Hijri calendar. The Hajj and Umrah application provides simple step-by-step descriptions for the Hajj and Umrah, while the Ramadaniat application explains all the instructions and rules for the Holy month of Ramadan. Also included with these on the 2GB miniSD card are two Islamic e-books and a Universal Dictionary application which supports English, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and French.


'In addition the Nokia N73 Special Edition offers unique Ramadan Greetings, a very special customized e-card application that enables families and friends to send greeting cards through SMS or MMS in celebration of this Holy month' said Neil Gordon, Vice President for Multimedia, Nokia, Middle East & Africa, 'This new edition is a reflection of Nokia's commitment to continuously provide consumers with tailored services, based on their needs and requirements.

In addition to the pre-loaded content consumers using the Nokia N73 Special Edition can also download other additional applications directly from the Download! feature on the device. Downloadable content includes the Name of Allah application, exclusively available for Nokia users as well as a third e-book.

I do hope that the content will be available for download somewhere on the net.  If I hear anything I'll let you know.

[via: Symbian-Freak, AME Info]


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I think this is a good move for Nokia to boost it's sales in Middle East and North Africa markets. But I wonder why Nokia didn't include Asia Pacific markets especially Malaysia & Indonesia?


too bad its not available in asia.. because most of muslim came from asia. hehe. Anyway, the apps are very useful! I hopes its available for download.. ouch, Ramadhan is the time where I can decrease my weight! aha


Here's a bunch of these free Islamic softwares for whoever is interested


Rahsaan Abdul-Wahid

I am not from the middle east or north africa, but, I think that it is a great ideal from nokia. Little things say and mean alot. I agree with tambo it would be even a greater scnenario if offered on other continents as well.


Nokia released some software's at last year's Ramadan for their E series device and posted their offering on E61 all over Karachi in Pakistan . This year I appreciate Nokia's offerings , btw as mentioned in earlier post , all software are aailable for download for any one in the world


i need nokia mobile universal dictionary which contains english to urdu
and urdu to english dictionary and other languages for nokis 60 series
and n series.plz send me in my email.

thank you for reading this message.


Is there nokia n73 special edition will be launch in indonesia?

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