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August 13, 2007

SBSH Announces New Papyrus Update 1.3 for Symbian

by Darla Mack

SBSH Mobile Software announced today a new update for its best-selling PIM application Papyrus for Symbian to version 1.3! SBSH Papyrus 1.3 brings lots of new exciting features and improvements, including: new optimization for Nokia E90 devices, completely re-designed and empowered Tasks view, new "Reminder" item for every-purpose reminders, new Daily view Single-line display mode and much more!

I'll be testing the app for a few days and I'd like to offer my readers the opportunity to get 3 license keys for themselves!! 

You know the drill... download the trial and test it out.  Leave your feedback on the app in the comments section of this post and I will select 3 random commenter's.  Please include your email address along with your comment.

I will email the 3 winners on Friday.

SBSH Papyrus 1.3 Highlights

Papyrus Nokia E90 ready - The new SBSH Papyrus 1.3 is now Nokia E90 optimized! Optimized especially for use with both internal and external screens offered by the Nokia E90 that will guarantee the best productivity solution for your device!

Empowered Tasks view - Enjoy new powerful sorting and grouping options using Papyrus Tasks view. Group your tasks by: category, priority, completion and more! Introducing a set of powerful tools required for professional task-management to suite your busy life style!

New Features and Code optimization - Lots of new features and improvements were implemented with the all new Papyrus 1.3! Among them: new Single-line Daily view display, new "Reminder" item for every-purpose reminders, new Birthdays Import tool allowing to import your contact birthdays to your Calendar and much more!

Upgrade Details

All Papyrus 1.X registered users are entitled to receive this upgrade for free. You can find more information how to update to the latest version at the following URL:

UPDATE: My apologies, but I've extended the date of winner selection to this Tuesday, due to the fact that I'm out of town at the moment. 


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Urm,i hope i can have a chance to use that app. [email protected]


Comparing it to previous versions... it's amazingly fast... I've been testing 1.2.15 and had a bug selecting a date for a reminder using the Papyrus's calendar control. This bug is gone when you try to select a date but not when you try to select a date for the alarm.. the calendar works but it doesn't set the date for the alarm.

Thanks for this fabulous blog :)


The biggest difference I found was in speed. I had tried the trial version of version 1.2.08 back in January, but after aching for a faster processor on an already fast N80, I gave up and deleted the trial. The new version has clearly been optimized (I think memory usage is also down by nearly a full meg!) and I'd love to get 1.3, but $18 is a little steep when nearly everything I do is built into the phone from the get go... unless you have a code you'd like to share Darla?


seems to be good improvement from the last trial version i used 1.2.15... i've always like their products and sbsh offers superb support in their forums... hope to use the 1.3 in the long term, darla?

Robert Nicholson

Couple of questions then...

Does it in anyway extend the database field or use notes for additional data?

Think compatibility with isync and other syncing packages.

Secondly, please developers don't catagorize by OS but by device. I do on their site and I see no mention of Symbian OS 9.2 anywhere.

I'd prefer to download based on device not OS platform.

Robert Nicholson

What a pain...

see E90 anywhere?

Papyrus91.SIS - designed for devices running Symbian 9.0s OS, for example: N91, E61, N73, E62, E50, N92

and no there isn't a 92.SIS file


It is defiantly superb visualisation bringing so much more information into the screen compared to the "on device" application. I loved the view selection configuration that enables reducing the view cycle to what i really need, I use the day and month view regularly while for other views I'm fine with selecting them trough the menu.
What I missed (or didn't find how to overcome)
* work days configurations (e.g. Israel work days are Sun-Thu)
* Standby integration is problematic for me, each standby shortcut is selected carefully. while the native application can be lunch by pressing the calender preview on the standby, for Papyrus I have to use additional valuable application link.
* New Entry (meeting), entry note calls for a better handling more editor like

All in all - this is a nice to have add-on



if I sync with MS Outlook, are the details available in Outlook synced with it (comments,...) ?

Thank you


Hi everyone,
I wanted to address a few questions raised here.

Regarding the categorizing the various installation files according to OS and not phones. I've updated the release post with a link to Howard Forum's S60 wiki which has a lot of S60 phones and their respective OS versions. You can also Google your phone and see the OS version which I think is a good thing to know in any case.

Regarding calling OS 9.x versions OS 9.1 - I'm sorry, this was my mistake and is also something that I've updated in the release post and will post correctly from now on. Papyrus supports all S60 OS versions including OS 9.2 (E90).

Papyurs expands the native Nokia calendar by using ALL of the calendar API (like better recurrence options, categories, notes, attendees to name a few). Most of the information is Synced between the PC/Mac and the phone. Papyrus uses the native calendar items so whatever gets synced (both ways) is updated according to your Nokia PC Suite syncing settings.

Regarding changing the weekdays - You can do this by going to "Menu->Settings->General Settings->Week Start On" - and this will update the "Weekends" and the way the week looks across all relevant views (I am also from Israel and have this set to "Sunday"). For Americans there is also a "Sunday (American)" option to show Sunday as the first day of the week but have it colored as a weekend.

If you have further questions - feel free to post them on our forums.

I also want to thank Darla for giving us a shout-out :) So thanks Darla!

Thomas Donaghey

Not thrilled with Papyrus quitting upon opening/closing E70 keyboard.


After reading your blog I tested Papyrus on my E61. Works great. Finally a mature calendar on my phone.
It installed perfectly without any strange questions. It is jam-packed with options, you can change almost everything. The standard calendar is immediately used and you can forget about it after using Papyrus.
Of course, before using it 'professionally' I tested a lot of options. One thing I shouldn't have used was the import of birthdays from the address book. After synchronizing with Outlook I got a lot of reminders for all that long-forgotten birthdays. On top of that: the birthdays were in Outlook already, now I have them twice. My fault.

This little program will give you a full color option-rich calendar you will use with pleasure.

Si Brindley

The main reason I like Papyrus is because I can copy and paste items, unlike in the built-in PIM. This is useful when I'm sitting inputting all my weird shift pattern for the next several weeks. It means I don't have to do it on Outlook and then synchronize.

I also like the small fonts and the full-screen views that now exist throughout the software.


Love the Birthday feature and how it has synced to my existing calander program.


Its great Darla! I hope its accessible in the PC Suite so I could add tasks and events via my PC to sync with the N76.


Paul Spencer

Finally a calendar and task application the rivals the Palm! Nokia should take notice of this application. I appreciate the calender and task entries are maintain in the native database.

Thanks Darla for bringing this application to our attention.

Paul Spencer

Judy Justin

I liked the software, I feel its clearer and easier to see my appointments, I like the color codes and I think its neater..I've never used this product before and base on my trial I would buy it.

Didier Nordio

Papyrus was always one of my preferred applications. It seemed to me perfect and this new version proves to me that it is still able to bring to its users even more precise details and of clearness in the organization of its diary.At present I do not see competitors which can bring in only one application as many functionalities.
Now I just want to apologize for my english
but I try to improve me each day.

Robert Nicholson

On the following URL I don't see any changes


Are we suppose to use OS 9.1 on the E90?

Amit Regev

Hi Robert :)

I'm really sorry for the confusion with the Symbian OS version number on our site! :/ I've just fixed this and the download link for the previous 9.1 SIS file will now state that this file supports Symbian 9.X - as this is indeed the file that E90 users should use too.

Basically we've designed it this way that the Symbian 9.x SIS file will automatically know how to support all available orientation and resolution screens during run-time, so this SIS file should be used by all Symbian 9.X users, regardless to the different sub-version of the Symbian OS.

Thanks for the notice on the version number on our site which I've just fixed! It is really hard to keep up with all the new Symbian OS versions released by Nokia lately :)


Ok, I'm just noticing something. No one included their email addresses with their comments except for 1 person.

Paul Spencer

I thought you used the email address in the "Post a comment" form.

My email address is paulspencer at mindspring.com

Glad to see that you are back.

Paul Spencer

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