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August 04, 2007

Posting To Twango With Your Mobile

by Darla Mack

When Nokia announced the aquisition of Twango I signed up to see what it was all about.  At first it didn't interest me because there was no way for me to upload and post from my device other than sending it via email.

Thanks to PhoneBoy and LonelyBob for their great tips on how to post to Twango via mobile.  PhoneBoy offers his tip on how to post via Lifeblog.  Unfortunately I couldn't get this working because mysteriously the Lifeblog app on my N95 says that there is no data and just closes.  Grrrr the result of updating my FW.

LonelyBob's method involves adding the same settings to the Online Services menu.

  • Account name: Twango (or whatever)
  • Username: your_twango_username
  • Password: your_twango_password
  • Server Address: http://api.twango.com/atom/

That worked for me! 

Now let's see if we can get this added to Shozu... hint hint.


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Very Cool Darla! This is a very cool feature. However, I dont have a online services menu on my Nokia 3250. I guess this is a N-Series specific feature. Is there anyway for me to get something similar going on my 3250?

Mark Jambas

Hi Darla,
Thanks for the ShoZu feature request, I'll run it by the team :-)

Mark (ShoZu)

Mark Jambas

Just FYI. You can already upload to Twango via ShoZu using our email uploader. It's not an official integration with loads of features but it works in the meantime.

Open ShoZu then click Share-It > Destinations > Options > Add New Destination > Email

You can get your dedicated upload email address under the Upload tab on Twango's website (choose the cameraphone/email tab)

[email protected] -- use this one for private uploads
[email protected] -- use this one for public uploads

Or add them both as separate destinations

Hope this helps, I've also added a request for official integration with our team.

Mark (ShoZu)

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