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August 09, 2007

Nokia US 3G N95 Details Have Arrived!

by Darla Mack


Ok so this is what we've been waiting for.  Nokia's killer N95 with US 3G AND better battery life!  Not only is the N95 getting a color change (yes the color is black) and HSDPA for the US market, but they have changed from the BL-5F to BL-6F for more battery life.  This of course means that the dimensions have changed as well as shown in the image.

The N95 US 3G will be shipping with a 1GB micro SD card as well.  So now the only thing missing is the release date... but we'll keep you posted on that. 

Now I hope... I PRAY that AT&T doesn't get their hands on this.  It would hurt me to see this device stripped of its full potential.

More more info see Symbian-Guru for the full spec sheet.

UPDATE:  I just found out that the RAM has also been increased to 128mb.  Yippee!!!  I've also been informed that the release date will be sometime near the end of Q4 with the device being available first unlocked with the possibility of going to AT&T sometime in Q1 08.


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With 850/1900, it's pretty much guaranteed to be AT&T.

Mark Guim

US 3G, Better battery and more RAM? Wow that's great news. They should also add the xenon flash, but that's probably asking too much.


The big question is: if it goes to AT&T, will they kill the wifi?


this is awesome. Any idea if the BL-6f will be compatible with older N95's ?


I'm happy for you guys in the US but it makes us in Europe a bit jealous, well at least over the extended battery life and the expanded RAM. Maybe it's time to sell my N95 and wait for the next generation?


UH 160MB memory according to the flyer, isn't that the same as the current N95?


Don't be jealous, by the time it is out, we will have waited over a year compared to the europe version.


dthree: If you buy an unlocked phone, it should come with vanilla firmware - i.e., no lobotomy of wifi, bluetooth, etc.


Hi Darla,

Hmmm, 128MB? The european version already has 160MB. Getting shortchanged or are we talking dynamic ram for the OS? This is highly unlikely see my analysis of the facts at



@Snoyt and UMMM
The European version has only 64mb of RAM. I believe you are mistaking RAM for ROM.


What about SDHC support, I want my 4GB card to work. All the GPS maps, videos, pics and music on 2 GB is a joke...


Not trying to sound too disbelieving but if you go onto the Nokia USA site, and click on N95, its the same as the European version. Why would they advertise the Europe version on their US site if they had a different version for Americans?

Just a thought from a guy with a Euro N95 that thinks more RAM and battery seems to be a bit too good to be true!


The Nokia USA site now shows the N95 3G version as "coming soon". The word is that Nokia has a party in LA scheduled for next week (9/27) to roll out the N95 3G for USA.

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