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August 09, 2007

Nokia Starts MOSHing

by Darla Mack

Mosh_welcome_3 For people that have been following my Twitter or Jaiku stream I'm sure you've seen a few messages pop up saying that I'm MOSHing.  Now you can MOSH too!!

First lets start by explaining exactly what MOSH is.  MOSH (MObilize and SHare) is a content sharing site provided by Forum Nokia.  Users can share images, music, videos and applications.  This is great for developers that want to get their apps out there instead of looking for beta testers.  All uploads are scanned for protection and can then be download to your mobile.

Content can be uploaded via pc or via mobile with the MOSH client.  MOSH is compatible with all devices, not just Nokia's providing that the content thats available is compatible with your device. 

NokiamoshbuttonRight now MOSH is just beginning its early stage of private Beta.  Today Forum Nokia has started sending out invites for its members.  I would like to extend an invite to all of my readers so that they can check out what MOSH is all about.  Just click the button on the right to get started.  The password is ALLACCESS.

To send your thoughts and feedback on MOSH click here.

Once you are registered check out my MOSH page.  See ya there!


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Hey,Darla,I've added you in My People section.You could also see may page here:http://mosh.nokia.com/user/Leonard


I cannot register!

The registration requires me to pick a country, but the drop-down list is not working (no options are available).



I'm not moshing, but I've recently started Twittering my love life. That's gotta count for something. :)


Have you been able to register yet?


Lol, girl thats not the same thing!!! Hehe.


I still can't register :(

Steve Robbo

Thanks for advising about this, Darla.

It is already a highly-addictive service.


Hi Darla! Speaking of Mosh, how about if you embed a clip here? Have a loot at this: http://lucian.mymobilesite.net/.py?application=-4&action=6&id=8

Best regards!

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