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August 13, 2007

Nokia N95 US 3G Live Comparison Shots

by Darla Mack

Here they are folks!!  Our Symbian-Guru and I have been busy this weekend in order to give you first looks at the N95 US 3G!

Nokia_n95_us_3g_keys Nokia_n95_us_3g_back

Nokia_n95_us_3g_comparison3 Since the news on the Nokia N95 US 3G has landed, I've heard many interesting questions how different the device would be cosmetically, especially to accommodate the new BL-6F battery. 

The first image shows the new multimedia keys.  They are now padded which is cool. 

According to the spec sheet and previous images it states that the camera shutter has been removed and as you can see in the 2nd image, it has.  The lens is also sunken in a bit on the back.

The last image is a side-by-side comparison of both N95's.  Don't be fooled by the color.  This particular unit is Mocha which could mean that the US 3G would be available in Mocha and Black... but don't quote me on that.

There have been rumors that the screen size is different as well, but I don't know if there is any truth to that as of yet.  But I will keep you posted!


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Darla do you have any photo of the new battery? does it fit on european phones as well or just on US version? thank you!


uhmm... Do you think you can take the US N95's back cover/housing and fit it on the EU version (so you can fit the new battery that is)?

Si Brindley

p@sco: I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that - since they've made the battery compartment bigger - the new battery won't fit in the existing International N95 very well, if at all.


How about some battery comparison shots ?


Without shutter they can keep that version in USA. Even with better battery I'd still prefer my European version that has a shutter to protect the lens.


is this n95 us 3g version will also be in other countries? Geee... I want this before eid.


Did you try if swapping the covers and batteries between the phones was possible?
Now if I only could figure out where to solder the extra stacked DDRRAM... The extra memory will cause loads of userconfusion.

Ahh, well I guess I have to wait for the N99. With a sliding qwerty keypad and bluetooth SVGA ;-)


From the photo at the top, the screen looks a little more square. In other words, smaller. Don't think that would make me happy. I love my N95 now. I don't think I'd want a smaller screen. Surely would love 3G and a bigger battery, though.


Is it just me or is the dedicated "gallery" button next to the shutter button missing?


What I'd like to know (but I can guess the answer) is the firmware...some of us played around with the device code to get either the latest firmware or certain language on our devices. Are we going to be able to do that with N95US to achieve the language desired? My guess is not since the hardware is different so Nokia better come up with desired language option during the NSU software update process or it will make me very unhappy to drop the T9 languages of my choice.



@Si Brindley: yes i think so the same as you, but battery contacts seem to be at the same place on the two photos... i'm interested on know if is just a bigger battery for height or if it's bigger for all sizes... as for bl-5b and bl-5c if is just for height, you can easily modify cover for fit right :)

Sorry if my english is not so good :)


Thanks for all your hard investigative work. I was about to break down and buy the non-US-3G version. Regarding the lens cap problem, I have never had a scratch on my old N6600 that had no cover, nor on my N6682 which would occasionally slide open in my pocket. Furthermore, I would probably baby this gem, keeping it in a geeky holster for quite awhile, so there would be no need to worry about the lens anyway.


Now if they could only change the keypad on the front cover and resize the multimedia button and/or make it programmable so that it can be assigned to another function.

Given this mod by Nokia - how come they didn't come up with something like this in the first place?


Any one have tested on N95 that HSDPA speed under SymSMB 2.00?
Any comparison with Wi-Fi speed for file transfer between phone and computer for the same soft?


looks ver familiar


Very nice, except: Why do you still need a Nokia charger? They've got a USB port, why not use that?!??!!

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