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August 30, 2007

Nokia N95 For North America Scheduled for September Release

by Darla Mack

Word on the street, or as seen on Engadget is that the North American version of the N95 will be available next month.  The price tag attached is $699 and as mentioned before will not work on T-Mobile's 3G network.

Usn95handson03sm Chris Zeigler has given his hands on review and claims that the speed is amazing dispite being prerelease hardware.  On different speed tests it averaged about 690kbps.  The N95 US has HSDPA on the 850MHz and 1900MHz bands

Although we've already seen the spec sheet prior, Engadget has posted a reduce-sized data sheet that you can hardly read.  Maybe if you ask them they will be nice enough to provide the full size.

The Nokia N95 North American version is said to be released sometime in September (think along the dates of Digital Life) and will be available from both the New York and Chicago flagship stores.


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If you read the battery specs on that tiny data sheet, the battery life is significantly lower than the n95 8GB version... Anyone know why??


I tried zooming in but I can't read it since the font is distorted. Engadget's reviewer said that the phone they tested had the old N95 battery iirc, maybe that's the reason?

Too bad we have to wait a month until we can buy this phone. I'm really looking forward to US 3G!


How will AT&T alter the "standard" Nokia menu system with this phone? Anyone know what else might be "affected?"


Counsel: I don't think AT&T will be modifying it at all, as it's only being sold unlocked, not subsidized.

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