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August 26, 2007

Nokia N95 - One Name, 3 Devices?

by Darla Mack

Enthusiasts are no strangers when it comes to Nokia's unique way of naming and renaming devices.  At one point, they were well known for it and consumers have come to even expect a single device which has been extended to more regions to have either an a, b or i afters its original name.  This is not the case with the upcoming N95 models.

N95_us3g_back Recently according to Wireless Info, the N95 US 3G has made it to the FCC list.  This version is a quad-band GSM phone with US 3G bands which will support AT&T's network but won't support T-Mobile's 3G network.  Guess we can't have everything.  The N95 8GB has also made the FCC list as well.

First I must say this... I didn't quite understand why the N95 US 3G is being announced in London.  Is Nokia's marketing team incapable of including a US launch for this device?   US consumers won't be able to reach out, touch and test the device.  I wonder... after the launch (or maybe even the same day) will the US Flagship stores have demos available for consumers to check out?

After a bit of probing and thinking I've come to realize that the tables have been turned in this case.  I've received many emails pertaining to why consumers in the UK won't be able to have a more powerful N95 with its new battery.  Then I had to think a moment... you guys get almost everything before we do!! 

For years US Nokian's have been displeased at the fact (and some still are) that the European market is home to many new features, functions and devices that don't touch US soil until the following year if at all.  At one point I was angered but after finding out that the UK will actually be able to use the US 3G variant (minus the 3G support) I had to smile.... we got it first!

N95_black_8gb But lets take a count here.  There will be 3 Nokia N95 variants in the near future.  Our groundbreaking original, the US 3G, and the 8GB.... all named, the Nokia N95.  No a, b or i.  No N95 Music Edition... just N95.  I don't get that.

The 8gb N95 basically is housed the same as its sleek black Music Edition counterparts the N73 and N70 (with a bit of an adjustment to the keypad to make the screen bigger)  but I don't think that Nokia plans on marketing this as a Music Edition device.  I guess just like the N91 the 8GB storage will just speak for itself.  Lol, don't quote me on that, but nothing that I've heard has mentioned 'Music Edition'.

All in all... I'm sure Nokian's everywhere will embraced the new N95's no matter what they will be named!


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Tarek Ghazali

Whether they call it music edition, 8GB or just N95, that black N95 rocks!! The N95 is probably the most perfect phone by now. And that was even before the black edition upgrades. I really didn't see that coming, and I'm sure no one expected this "surprise". Thumbs up Nokia!!



I'm smiling just like you are, we are finally getting something first! I just hope the flagship stores get the phones very soon.

James Whatley

I take it we'll be hooking up when you come over then?



I'm with you, Darla. I've been ranting about this for a while now. Actually, there will be four N95 variants in the market very soon. There are two versions already out there, the RM-159, and the Chinese RM-245- which lacks WiFi support. Then we add the RM-160 and RM-320 with the black 8GB model and the US variant.

FOUR N95s, no diffrentiating between them unless you look under the battery. What exactly is going on here?

And I have to agree- very silly that Nokia is coming out with the US N95 in London. What's that all about? The incompetent US marketing team? It seems they just have no confidence in the US group. Such a shame.


Hey, while we're on the subject of Nokia's reemergence into North America, where's our ClubNokia USA!? Think we can hope to see that again anytime soon?

Dan Mobile

By the time T-Mobile launches 3G 4G will be here.


The N95 is worth buying unlocked in my opinion.


Sadly, Tmobile's 3G network won't be compatible with any one of the numerously many iterations of the N95- not even the US 3G model.


yeah, its weird. but whatever, the black one looks cool! How i wish that phone arrives in Brunei before october!

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