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August 29, 2007

Nokia N81 Q&A Discussion

by Darla

Below is a list of Q&A's of the Nokia N81 that was covered this morning by all those that attended the Virtual Event.  The questions were answered by the N81 Product manager.  Make sure you click 'continue' to read the whole list.

Q: How much RAM does the N81 have, and has there been any improvements in sound quality?
A: the amount of free RAM will be ~90MB

Q: Is the N81 the "True" replacement for the N91? How much onboard storage does the N81have? does it have card slot as well as onboard storage?
A: many questions :-) it offers the same audio quality as the N91, but enhances the music story in terms of a music store, podcast client, etc - it comes in 2 versions: 8GB internal flash memory version and microSD card version (2GB inbox *may vary by region)

Q: Why have you choose a 2Mpxl instead a 3.2 Mpxl camera ?
A: the main focus of the device is music and games so we decided to put a good camera in but not focus too much on this feature

Q: What about price? it is a gaming phone and lots of ppl cant pay 300-350 euro over a gaming device.
A: 8GB retail price 430 € - microSD version retail 360

Q: Does the N81 have the same CPU as the N95 has?
A: the N81 has the same processor like the N76 , N95 is a different one

Q: Does the N81 have an Accelerometer a la Nokia 5500? Such a feature could be handy for certain games.
A: accelerometer no :-(

Q: Is the difference between the N81 and N81 8GB only the extra storage? Any other extras included or better specs with the N81 8GB>?
A: the only difference between the two versions is just the memory

Q: N81 will play DRM music, but will it allow me play non-DRM (my) music? I think iPhone don't play music that wasn't bought in their store
A: YES :-) you can use a lot of formats DRM protected or not protected. The DRM systems are Windows Media DRM and OMA DRM 1.x and 2.0 - some file formats: mp3, aac, eaac+, m4a , ...

Q: Does it make coffee ? :)
A: sorry you need to get the new accessories that makes the coffee for you

Q: Will the Slider be more like N95 (hopefully not) or more like E65 (i hope so) ;)
A: more close to E65

Q: how long did it take to get the N81 from the drawing board into a real product?
A: 15th months

Q: So the 8GB version also has a card slot?
A: no

Q: The 2 Buttons for Gaming above the Screen - are those touchsensitive!? Or "Real" Buttons?
A: real buttons tactile feedback


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Good news on the tactile feedback face buttons! Looking at the pictures I had a bad feeling it would be touch sensitive which would have been bad for gaming.


Touchscreen won't be out until next year... but its coming!!

Martin Eyles

I especially like the phrase "it offers the same audio quality as the N91". Also, I understand it has a flash, and the media buttons are always there, which are also good signs.


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Bad news, dudes

Ain't 3d accelerator chip, so there are some doubts about which games will work on this new cellphone....

For example, some people say that new system rush won't work in n81, as it doesn't work quite well in a (supposedly) compatible next gen n73 device.



Anybody has a slightest idea when is this coming... aye q4, but do we need to wait till November. This is my next phone if it comes next month. Just asking ;)
Europe Fin


Is it really confirmed that this phone does NOT have the 3D accelerometer on board?
No one did know that the N95 had one before some people tried it.


I finaly got mine, does this have an Audio Chip like N91?


i have been a nokia fan for 6 years now i hav used N 80 first then switched to N 91 8gb and now planning to switch over to N 81 8gb wat do u suggest wud it be worth buying or it wont be nything new.

and secondaly wats the price difference between N 81 and N 81 8gb... (in INR please not the Euros)

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