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August 11, 2007

My Nokia.com Site Surfaces for APAC Regions

by Darla Mack


Another Saturday browsing Nokia's websites led me to the introduction to Nseries My Nokia page.

As much as I'd like to think that ALL Nseries users would have this advantage, its currently available to Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and India.

According to the FAQ's:

My Nokia will be progressively launched in phases through out the world. In APAC, "My Nokia" is now available for Nokia Nseries device owners in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and India.

You can register to "My Nokia" if you own any Nokia phones. However, the tips and tricks sign-in is available only to selected phone models. Please, refer to your local "My Nokia" web site login page to find out more about what is offered in your country for your Nokia model.

I'm curious to know if anyone from this region has this working and can please share more about it.  BUT.... I have a few questions to the powers that be. 

  1. why is it not available?
  2. when will it be available?
  3. and how long do we have to wait until it IS available?

Lol were those too many questions?

EDIT:  To sign up please click the links above for your correct region.


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I hope they would have one for the E series.. :-)


Why don't they open it to worldwide.. hoho!!


I went to sign up on My Nokia-and skimmed through the license agreement. Theres a section where it says you basically waive all rights to any content created or uploaded to the site and allow Nokia to use it as they think fit. Dunno how well that's gonna gel with some people :)

Zain Raza

Hi, I'm from India. Saw you mention about My.nokia.com and thought I'd check it out.
I found it to be a waste of my time in all honesty. There is a Tips n Tricks section which quite frankly wouldn't impress the most basic of users and it might actually be insulting to an advanced (check that-even a semi advanced) user.
There's another section called Try it Out, which is 4 Ringtones for my N80 which are so-so and 4 links for downloading themes. However none of these links work at the moment. The tutorials (basic of course) are at the "Coming soon" stage.

All in all, nothing of real interest here.

Keep blogging!


lol that site is a little buggy atm. I registered under "India" but somehow it thinks i'm in the phillipines and i cant seem to find any option to change my country...DOH


okay so i decided to delete my account, then finally found the link for the Indian "My nokia" from nokia.co.in (the one in your post is apparently the one for the phillipines lol ) and when i try to register it says my mobile serial number has already been registered even though i deleted the account. D'OH x2 !



OMG I'll change the link ASAP... I'm sorry about that. By the way.. this is the reason that I poked you on Facebook earlier. :)


Hi Darla!I'm a Nokia freak too;)
About my nokia...here in Portugal we have this page:


No quite the same but,well it works.

Big Kiss*


Hi Darla...this is Ashvidia from India...sign up contains two ringtones N73t1 &t2....and two themes Swirling Pathways and Wave forms....already preinstalled on N73ME. The site states new games, thems, pictures etc will be available shortly...so stay tuned!!!

Hey did u get the ringtones mail....didnt like them is it....also wat bout the theme uninstallation procedure problem mail i sent u....no feeback.

Awaiting ur propmt response.



Hi there darla,
i registered on the site before you wrote about it.
the site is in my N80's bookmarks now. As has been said above.. there aren't any new tips and tricks as such. May help a first time user though. I found Four ring tones available for my phone model. The link for the themes are not working!
the process of registration is unique.. as the site identifies the model by the imei no. (so if you type a wrong number it might say you are using another model) the one good thing about this site is that it puts support page link and accessories link there on the page for you as per your phone model(how convenient!) and it has a little section which lets you explore the other N series devices (under the link 'my next nokia')

all in all a nice little effort. but i sincerely hope that they will add more content and features and increase their interaction with us consumers


Darla... here's Surya from Indonesia.

My Nokia is [quoted, freely translated] "a personalization service designed to help you maximize your mobile phone; you will receive routine information including tips & tricks for your phone, special offers, contests, and much more."

Then as part of the registration, I was optionally asked to fill in my application/services usage (gaming, photo, gps, video, ...) to customize the My Nokia homepage (I still don't see/experience the customization part yet).

The so-called My Nokia homepage has quite some sections:
- my phone: "Tips & Tricks", "Try It" (themes, ringtones), and "My Next Nokia"
- special offers: still empty at the time being
- customer support

My impression?
Most of the contents are quite basic actually, as pointed by few others. Not much compelling reason to use at this moment.

But looking at the upside potential --
for phone owners: get special offers + contents from Nokia (hopefully...)
for Nokia: connect directly to each phone owner as an individual (talking about individual marketing?)

I think there are still a lot of room for improvements.

Screenshot of the Indonesian My Nokia homepage:

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