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August 04, 2007

iTheme for S60 3rd Edition

by Darla Mack

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the interface of the iPhone?  Maybe some have and maybe some haven't, but seeing an app like this even I became a bit interested.  This form of customization goes way beyond basic theme creation.

I originally spotted the V-Theme review on P@sco's site which lead me to further investigate what this intriguing app was.  Since P@sco has reviewed V-Theme for S60 3rd edition (in Italian) I will detail its partner app iTheme for S60 3rd.

Itheme_main Itheme_menu



iTheme for 3rd edition by Splus uses the function of Flash to transform your s60 device into an iPhone-like UI.  Functions include:

  • View and launch all programs in your phone.
  • Wallpaper change able.
  • Use as default phone Standby.
  • Analog/digital clock, Battery, Signal level, Date & time.
  • View & Launch with History list of programs usage & Call log.
  • Automatic generate programs list.
  • Easy to defined & launch with programs categories.
  • User name & Picture id.
  • KeyLock function.
  • Call Function.
  • Quick Dial Function.
  • Theme Manager function.

As you can see in the images, iTheme replaces your main standby and menu screens.  The icons are self explanatory so you can figure out how to maneuver around.  This is done by using the nav-key of your device. 

There are 2 menu screens that you can use.  The main menu screen consists of customizable icons.  Meaning that if you click on these icons, for example 'Mail Tools', you will be able to add your mail applications there in list format.  If you click on basic you will be able to open targeted locations by clicking that particular icon.

iTheme requires Flash 2.0 and above.  S60 3rd edition devices that require an update for Flash can download it here.  This will not overwrite your existing installed Flash application but instead will add both versions.

Itheme_nseries_skin_2 iThemes comes with 3 preinstalled skins but you can easily add your own .jpg to the skins folder to use your own.  The same goes with the default icon. 

Now of course since I like customizing my own screens I decided to put up my Nseries wallpaper as my background.  You can create your own by putting the image in e:/data/xp/skins.

iTheme is available for purchase from the following links for $9.99.

iTheme 3rd

iTheme 3rd for N95, N76, 5700 and 6110 Navigator


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Another nice theme/app from splus Darla, and a superb review! ;)


Wow. Amazing theme. Can you please test it on a S60 v2 device running flash 2.1 like an N70 please ?


Hi, just want to know if there's any way to get a demo of the theme before I try.
Also want to know if is compatible with my N73 music ed.

Gatewood Kistler

If it has to run all the time in RAM, is it going to mess with my N95 battery? I do try to protect that, although I've not had much trouble with running out of juice. Thanks for any answers.


Not that bad but:

1) it's not possibile to try it before buying it. I'll never buy it at those conditions

2) useful if N95 had a touchscreen. Otherwise worse user experience I think



Ben Whitaker

Any quick way to get the new Flash?

Pursuing that link through Adobe leads you to an unacceptably lengthy set of forms to fill out.

You have to fill out pages and pages of questionnaires from Adobe, get a username and password, etcetera.

Wake up Adobe - I'm not co-signing a mortgage, I'm just trying to update Flash.

Any way around this swamp?

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