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August 04, 2007

I Am Nokia Nseries - Are You?

by Darla

An interesting video was posted on IntoMobile regarding an Nseries ad in Asia.  Although printed in the end of the video, there is no verbal mention of the term 'Multimedia Computer'.  Thats ok though... we know that it is. :)


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Avinash Rathod

Yeah , thats the ad I was referring to in my post http://symbian.avinashrathod.com/2007/08/i-am-nokia-nseries.html


Speaking of which....figured you'd be interested in this :

Nokia's New weird Phone Teaser Site.Got it from the N-gage forums :


Love this video girl! I nominated you for a Black Weblog Award - good luck!

Max Waterman

The N95 costs over 1000USD in China *and* they've disabled Wifi (as with all phones, I'm told) - that's a big chunk of Asia that doesn't have at least one of it's major features...

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