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July 30, 2007

Yahoo! Go 1.0 Support Coming to an End

by Darla

Remember when the first version of Yahoo! Go for mobile first came out?  Many N80 and N73 users might still have it installed on their devices over the 2.0 app because it includes Yahoo Messenger. 

Some users have reported that Yahoo has sent out text messages alerting users to update to version 2.0f and that support for the previous version will end on August 27th. 

I also received another tip that Yahoo! Go has now updated their handset list to include more Nokia's for the new 2.0 version. (see here)

I'm one of those users that still have version 1.0 installed on my N73 and I prefer it over the new version.

[Thanks Scott & Cribbage]


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The Fixer

I haven't been able to install either version, as I had an E61 when 1.0 came out, and now I have an E90 which isn't even supported on 2.0.

The removal of Yahoo messenger is pure politics/business BS, as there is NO reason whatsoever that they couldn't have included it in 2.0, The carriers DO NOT want an IM client that is free and standard on any phone, esp. in the US. Same reason Apple didn't include iChat on their phones, AT&T wants the SMS revenue.

I'm kinda left high and dry when it comes to accessing my Yahoo mail on my phone, because if I connect via POP or any other method, the 10,000 spam messages I get a day aren't filtered in the spam folder like they are on Yahoo Mail. So long story longer.. I'm not going to install Go! until they put messenger back in.

Avinash Rathod

Me too missing V1 on N95, the messenger especially :( . V2 Interface although looks gr8 its quiet slow. Ever since I upgraded N95 firmware to v12 I am on a look out for that key press bug and many a times the YGo2 interface responds sooo late it feels like I just encountered that bug ;). I think I am one of those lucky odd fellows who have found no bugs after the V12 upgrade check it out here:

6110 Navigator

Nokia 6110 Navigator is on the list of Yahoo! Go 2.0. However when I try to download it with my 6110, I got the message "There is no plan to support your phone"....


i just updated to the newer version og 2.0... and i realised that they have taken out the maps too?

James Whatley

I can't believe the folk at Yahoo are being so blind to their consumer wants/needs...

I haven't a single user that prefers 2.0 over 1.0.

I shake my head in woe...


Hi all,

I have to agree with the previous poster the earlier version of YahooGo as found in the N73 was as close to a killer app as i have come across. It really was that good IMO and one of the few apps i have missed since selling the N73, although i can accomplish most of what it does without too much trouble. Now YahooGo 2 was installed and then removed in the blink of an eye IMO it really is rubbish and i also wish Yahoo would go back to the original and release it for all devices as i am sure that would make not just me but a lot of users very happy.


K. Chidanand Kumar

Dear all,

Yahoo! Go 2.0 is rubbish. I cannot use Y! Connect which directly connects my phone via POP3 to my mail account. Neither can I synchronize my phone. Yahoo Go HAS BECOME HIGHLY NON USER FRIENDLY!!


Sanjeev Venkat

Yahoo Go 2.0 sucks! I am a great fan of Yahoo Go 1.0. I depend upon the calendar sync a lot. They have removed in Yahoo Go 2.0. I am wondering how Yahoo could remove such an important/great feature.


The greatest software for mobile has been butchered with a pretty new face!!!! PLEASE BRING BACK THE CALENDER SYCH FEATURES !!! it was the main reason I used it and was telling everyone I new to check it out and what it did, now it doesnt do the great thing anymore!!! DANG!!!

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