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July 17, 2007

Where Did You Come From?

by Darla Mack

I think this week I'll take a different approach to blogging.  There are many things that I need to cover and what I plan on doing is reading through email questions that I've received and start a thread in hopes that others can share their opinions and concerns on the topic.

The topic today derives from questions that I've been asked regularly.  Where did you come from or in a better understanding... where did you get your start?

I've receive many emails with new bloggers just getting started and I applaud you all on your way to successful blogdom (is that a word?).  Here's the thing... I may have started my blog over 4 years ago, but I've been either an active participant or silent lurker on many mobile forums for years prior to that.  Of course you know that I'm no stranger to Howard Forums, but my second home when it comes to learning is AllAboutSymbian

The more that you feed your mind with information, the more you tend to explore things on your own, and for these 2 forums I'm thankful.  Other sites such as PhoneScoop, My-Symbian and Symbian-Freak are also favs of mine. 

Community participation is a great source of learning and even brushing up on things that you thought you knew but weren't quite sure about.  Lol if that makes any sense.

Hmmm heres a thought... wouldn't it be cool if S60 started there own forum? 

Back to the topic at hand.  These sites are a few paths that I've taken and still favor along my blogging journey, so join, learn and get to know your community!   


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Nokia has their own forums that are monitored and even occasionally written on by Nokia employees.



Hi Darla, Its so nice to ask a simple question like that. I myself have started a blog or as you so eloquently said entered the "blogdom" recently. I was basically a member of my-symbian in 1998, 9 years back when Michael used to help us out with Nokia 9000 communicator. I think it was a a bit of both browsing his forum and especially when the e61 came out that turned me into a blogger.
Its nice to know that you give credit to all the forums you used to be browsing. Great work with this blog! Do try to give us new bloggers tips as well. Cheers

matt jones

I've been posting on the 3g.co.uk forum for a while, and when the N95 came out there was so many new things being launched I thought I could stick them all together for the people on the forum. i don't do it for any reason other to just help people out a little who I talk to a lot. I aim low!

Gatewood Kistler

There's a very helpful N95 users forum.


I've started in AAS, watchig the forum for quite some time and then decided to buy a Symbian. What can I say more, it was love at first sight.

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