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July 12, 2007

Some Things Aren't Meant to be Pink

by Darla Mack

I can't begin to tell you how many emails and text messages I received about this.  Lol guess my readers and buddies are just looking out for my interest in all things pink and Hello Kitty!!  Thanks guys!!

Steve Litchfield posted this morning on AAS about the findings of pink E90's and Hello Kitty N95's.  While the color pink may make things more "girly" and cute... there is nothing at all cute about a pepto bismol pink N95 (they already did that once with the Nokia 6010).  Pink can only be taken in moderations.



I do have to say that the E61i looks pretty nice in that color, but the E90.... people wouldn't want to see me coming!

The Hello Kitty version of the N95 looks exactly like my 6010... bubble gum pink with Hello Kitty design.  The only attempt at a pink Eseries device that I've ever seen was the pink E62 at CES, which was pretty nice but never seen again after that.

While the artist responsible for these is very creative there is NO TRUTH to their existance.


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Nice to meet you dalra mack. It always sees it.
It always looks forward to a happy blog.
However, a Japanese translation disappears and it is regrettable.
Is there a way that can be restarted?

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