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July 02, 2007

Nokia Patent for 2 Screen Tablet with Removable Keyboard

by Darla Mack


With the sales of Nokia's 770 Internet Tablet being phased out a bit and reduced to online availability only with the price being somewhere around $130, you have to wonder if there is any truth to something being in the works for a newer model.  The Nokia N800 has been out since February and even though its popular, users are still waiting for newer updates and the appearance of Skype.

Back in May I came across this article on CrunchGearPatent Monkey had unvieled information on a newly issued patent about a new tablet device by Nokia.  As you can see from the design, the new tablet  consists of a laptop-style device with two touch screens and a removable keyboard.

From Nokia’s US 7221330 description: “Because touch mode functionality renders a flat device configuration desirable, the present invention discloses a flat configuration, and sliding pieces for fixing the device in that flat configuration. Thus, the two screens unite in the flat configuration. When the sliding pieces slide away to allow the device to be closed, no screen faces outward in an unprotected folded position.”


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Oh Darla, were did you found it!?

It’s the very old news ;)




Lol Teo I had this post sitting in draft since May and I finally decided to edit it a bit and post it.



Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!


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