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July 12, 2007

Nokia Launches Competition to find ‘Rulers of the Mobile World’

by Darla Mack

Second year of competition rewards developers and entrepreneurs with valuable prizes for applications and business plans in the mobile space.


HELSINKI, Finland – July 12, 2007 — Nokia, together with a number of high-profile sponsors today announced the launch of its second annual competition for developers and entrepreneurs working in the mobile space.  The ‘Mobile Rules!’ competition aims to promote excellence in both applications developed for mobile and for businesses launching or promoting services in the mobile arena.  The initiative is in its second year.  In 2006, it was launched as the ‘Web2Mobile’ competition; the change of name reflects the increased scope, prizes and reach of this year’s contest.

Commenting on the launch of the competition, Vesa Luiro, Director, Communication Solutions with Nokia, said:

“At the heart of Nokia’s business lies innovation – both in mobile devices and in the services and solutions that will enhance the experience of mobile users.  Nokia is a pioneer in ‘open collaboration’ – working with a range of academic, commercial and non-profit organizations on technology research and development to bring together the best combination of minds in our fields of interest.  ‘Mobile Rules!’ is a way for us to encourage and promote innovation in mobile services and, at the same time, it reflects Nokia’s inclusive attitude towards partnering with external organizations.”

The competition is divided into two ‘tracks’.  The first is for qualified developers working on mobile applications for Nokia platforms in four categories: ‘multiplayer and connected games’, ‘multimedia’, ‘enterprise’ and ‘infotainment’.  The second is aimed at entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups and academic institutions and is for business plans in the mobile space, both those designed specifically for mobile devices and those that make existing static businesses mobile.

With one winner and two runners-up per category in Track One and one winner and two runners-up in Track Two, the competition prizes include Nokia devices, memberships of Forum Nokia Launchpad, promotion of the winning application/plan through channels owned by Nokia or other competition sponsors and expert advice from Nokia specialists.  The five overall winners will also be offered the chance to develop a contract with one of the competition sponsors or a significant cash prize if no contract is awarded. 

In 2006, the competition focused only on business plans and the winners were: a mobile community for music fans; a peer-to-peer mobile file-sharing application; an application for estate agents to improve customer service and a service providing multiple identities on a single mobile device.  More details of last year’s winners, entry terms and conditions and prizes can be found on the competition web site at: www.mobilerules.org.

“Mobile solutions for consumers and businesses is one of the hottest development arenas in technology,” concluded Vesa Luiro.  But this can be a double-edged sword.  On one hand, demand and the scope for innovation are great.  On the other, the crowded market means it can be difficult for smaller companies, entrepreneurs and developers to get their voice heard.  ‘Mobile Rules!’ allows Nokia to promote excellence in mobile and – as well as providing immediate recognition and valuable prizes – will open doors for our winners in the years ahead.”


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