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June 19, 2007

Where Have All The Twitterers Gone?

by Darla Mack

Theres no question that last week was a week for beta testing.  I figured with so much happening there would be tons of people blogging about the new Jaiku for 3rd edition.  Lol, I've had Jonathan's post bookmarked for days so that I could go back and link to it.

Like Jonathan and a bunch of others, I've been testing the app for a few days now, and I have to say I haven't been Twittering since then.  But thats ok because most of my Twitter contacts are now Jaikuing anyway.

Darlas_jaiku_screenshot One of the newer features include auto updating of presence.  I like anything that doesn't require me having to hit a refresh button!

The presence design includes full threaded view and a simple way to just post a Jaiku update or comment to my page.  Beautiful!!

Jaiku for S603rd is still in beta and going through many different updates, but so far I'm enjoying it and it has gotten me away from Twitter for awhile.  I started using Jaiku before Twitter anyway and the one reason was because of the ability to add feeds to my page.  Whenever I add content from my blog or other site it automatically updates on Jaiku.

Jonathan has a great video on his site (which also is going to leave me to switch from Blip and YouTube to Viddler).


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Avinash Rathod

Thats right, even I've started to prefer Jaiku rather than Twitter. I accessed twitter via m.twitter.com but it seems pretty slow and not much to do. But since I installed Jaiku I've been using it regularly.

Avinash Rathod.

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