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June 18, 2007

Revisiting AllTunes Mobile

by Darla Mack

I love music.  Sometimes when your out and about you might come across a song that you haven't heard in quite some time and you want to just "get it now".

The other night I was watching Scrubs and Colin Hay from Men At Work was singing Overkill.  I hadn't heard that song in years and had to have it.

Screenshot0016I'm tired of iTunes, Windows Media Player and Real Player.  They are all great for your pc or laptop, but I want something on my mobile.  As of right now, the music store feature that is equipped on Nseries devices does not offer support for the US.  I've heard talks somewhere on the net about Nokia considering having their own music store feature similar to iTunes but different than Music Recommenders

AllTunes has been my solution for awhile now since hearing about it from AllAboutSymbian .  This was one of those forgotten apps that faded between my switch from S60 v2 to S60 v3, but I've now rekindled my relationship with it, and found that I still had a balance!

AllTunes comes in both PC and Mobile edition.  I've installed the mobile version on my N95 and I love it.  You can update the catalogs, search for music, preview songs (30 secs), refill your balance and best of all, download right from your mobile... but here's the thing... the price is amazing!!! 

The cost is around 10 - 15 cents and albums are start around $1.00.  Killer! 

The only thing that I don't like is that when downloading your song it doesn't add the album art to the track or album, but does add it to your gallery.  It's only a thumbnail though and can be manually added to the track or album through the music player app on your device.

More information on AllTunes can be found here.



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Actually that would have been Colin Hay singing Overkill :)

Kevin Jones

Hi. I tried downloading the s60 3rd edition version of alltunes mobile, but I'm getting an expired certificate when I try to install it on my N95.

Ryan Parker

Hi guys I need wireless data collection software for my blackberry and Motorola. I have been trying to find something for years now. It needs to support drop down menus, gps, check boxes, maybe capture photos, and bar coding. If anyone knows anything can you please point me to the right direction.


Its like the developers have forgotten to update their software. Outdated certificate for the .sis file and the pc version doesn't install.


Erhh, you know that alltunes is the newer version of allofmp3.com, which has been fought over for years, as there is a disputed rights situation. Very disputed.

Avinash Rathod

I dont have an ipod and I've not used iTunes ever, so cant say much abt this topic. But I've seen something called nuTsie. Here's the link http://nutsie.com/main/whats_nutsie

Here's what it says:
Now you can access your entire iTunes music library from your cell phone - the one device people take with them everywhere. And it's free!
Plus, you can use the nuTsie Web player to listen to your music wherever you have a connected PC, at work, at the library, at your friends house, even though you're away from your iTunes collection. And you can share your nuTsie page with others so they can listen to your music too.

Its available for n95 too so hope it helps.

Avinash Rathod.


I used to use this service but for some reason the ability to purchase music in the US on this site is closed for about 6 months now



Change your phones date year to 2006... that should do the trick.



No wonder I can't access it on my laptop... but purchasing music via my N95 works with no problem.

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