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June 25, 2007

Psiloc Releases Theme for S60 Devices

by Darla Mack

Handset Software Company Psiloc is into the theme creating business with its first cool theme titled "Reflect".

Screenshot0002 Its transparency effects and glassy feel reflections make Reflect an excellent work of art. Flash screensaver and option that allows you to customize the clock gives you an opportunity to turn your dreams about more personal Smartphone into reality. What is more, new theme is completely scalable for all S60 devices.

NOTE:  The Flash screensaver feature is only available on select Nokia devices such as:

Nokia 5700 Xpress Music
Nokia 6110 Navigator
Nokia 6120/6121 Classic
Nokia E90 Communicator
Nokia N95

Normally on the N95 when you select a theme you can edit it to change the screensaver, but with this theme it didn't give the option.  Must check into that.

In order to activate the screensaver you must power off and power the device back on.  Then you can go to the theme and edit it to select the Reflect screensaver.  Its a cool digital clock.

Once the application is installed you must open it to install the theme package.  Once registered or purchased the theme is then installed and the theme installer application can then be removed from your device. 

Reflect can be purchased and downloaded from Psiloc's online shop.

UPDATE:  I have 5 licenses for this theme so if you are interested in checking it out and providing feedback on it, please leave a comment in the comment section. 


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I really like this theme. I have been using for about a week now on my N73. This is the first theme i have paid for and i am not disappointed at all. The only issue i have run into with it is when editing text in some applications, such as opera mini, is the text color is black and its on basically on a black background. I have run into this issue in the past but those were free themes. I plan on making this issue known to the author soon. It should be a very quick fix once the problem is known. I just hope they take the 10 minutes it takes to make this theme go from great to perfect in my view.


Hello! I'm interested in this theme and check it out. Thank you and congratulations for your website!

Frankie Bloise

Want to know if there is any possibility to port this to Nokia N91.


I have got a N95, would be very keen on getting a copy of it. will write a quick review once used...


I'd like one too. It looks pretty good!

Mau Maus

If you still got one. I would like to try it to. What kind of feedback would you like back? Just personal opinions? I got an N95...



Hi Darla.
Bought this theme. Judging themes is a matter of personal taste.
To me, it's a nicely balanced no-frills dark theme.

"It's a cool digital clock." - hm. I'd rather say it's the most simplicistic display of time and day possible - reduced to the max: two centric lines of information, one above another
17:25:46 (larger font)
26 - 06 - 2007

You can play it using Applications/Flash Player w/o waiting for the screen saver to come up.
What I did not find (yet) is the option that allows to customize the clock.

kind regards


@Cyclopx, VGA, four and Maus... your license keys have been emailed. Just leave your feedback on the theme and any ideas or suggestions here.

Lol... ok there is only 1 more left.


Me me me! Oh me please miss! (hand stretching up)


aww... got here too late...

but still want one.


I am curious as to whether the caller id will work on the external screen of the N76 with this theme. It doesn't with most third party themes for some reason. Other than that it looks awesome. I guess I will buy a license and try it out. You can't try it out without a license apparently.


@Neil... check your email.

Ok all of the licenses are gone now.


I installed it on my N76 and the caller id does work on the external screen. Great job Psiloc.


Hey Darla,
I'm very interesting for license to psiloc release theme.
Do you have for me ?

Thomas9442, Paris ( France )


Yeah , I should have it. I wanted to buy it , but I haven't got any card at all !! Please darla , help me with a license !!


Meee! We really have no credit cards we can use on Internet. Welcome to Serbia.

KGB (Planète-Nokia.fr)

Hello Darla,
Thanh you for all news you give us ;-)

Two big problems with this Psiloc Theme:

1)impossible to use configuration of photos(white words on white wallpaper)

2)impossible to see the satellites bars while using GPS (black "bars" on black wallpaper)

Hope that my feedback will help people who don't buy it yet ;-)


The theme looks really cool, the gradients are excellent and makes my N95 look great (worth the price). The clock on the standby screen looks great too with the little shadow at the bottom, even the analog clock with glassy effect is cool. Handles landscape screen resolution on the N95 quite well.
Now, to the part I personally like to be changed: The theme has only one color scheme, would be great if we were able to change the basic colors of the theme with the same effects.
The screensaver (one of the reasons of my download) clock is very basic, nothing more than time & date (no configuration options). In fact, the default date & time screensaver has more info and looks much cooler except that it uses very small font.
Moreover, the Clock Screensaver from S60.com is rather useful if you want a nice clock on the screensaver, it even has two clocks useful for 2 timezones, more configuration options as well. http://www.symbian-freak.com/news/007/05/clock_screensaver_freeware.htm
Personally, I would use the theme along with Clock Screensaver from S60.
Hope this helps...
Thanks for the licence Darla.

Mau Maus

After I got my license. I went to play with the theme to.

The below 'errors' by "KGB (Planète-Nokia.fr)" where the first thing I checked. And is a bit dissapointing
1)impossible to use configuration of photos(white words on white wallpaper)
2)impossible to see the satellites bars while using GPS (black "bars" on black wallpaper)

The screensaver option is cool. You can now use Flash animations (swf) and '*.gif' as a screensaver. Yes the standard flash-clock-screensaver is also disapointing. But maybe there can be some sort of competition for new screensavers? (in flash 2.1 - 240x320) I think that would work and give great screensavers. I hope im not wrong.

After the screensaver is done. It goes to the standard nokia-clock-standby. It would be cool if you could choose the one you want like 'Largetime' after the screensaver is done.

Maybe they could make standard icons with the theme. Like the Redium and Greenium theme by Psiloc. To be a more complete theme. And maybe a bit faster navigation...

And color choice may be nice to ;)

I hope you like my bad english review Darla ;)

thnx for the license key :)


Oh man i missed it!!!

Anyways, nice theme. Will see if i can save up to buy it.


Good to see


I have this theme in my E65 (thank you, Darla) and now my phone is so stylish :-)
I can't select the screensaver because this model is not supported, but the theme is very profesional, and worth the money
In posterior upgrades I would like to see color variations and new icons
Congratulations to the autors of the theme!
Sorry for my bad english...


Well after upgrading the now MIA 4.0723.xxxx firmware for my N73 I can confirm that my aforementioned color problem is fixed. I guess that Nokia change what text element java apps use. Which seems to me to be a more proper fix.


Darla, sweets. if I ask really nicely, could I have one of the licenses for the Psiloc theme? I am so in love with it !!

I tried buying it from the Psiloc website a few days, but that didn't work for me. I have no Paypal/cashU account, and when I tried using my VISA, I was redirected to my bank's website in order to approve the purchase, which didn't work either for some bloody reason.


Hey Darla,
I'm very interesting for license to psiloc release theme.
Do you have for me ?

very cool site

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