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June 19, 2007

Opera Mini "Dimension" Beta Now Available

by Darla Mack

OperaminibetaI woke up this morning to an IM from Opera Mini informing that the Dimension Beta was available for download. 

[08:12]:  It's here! We just launched the new beta of Opera Mini 4, codenamed Dimension. Since you signed up to receive IM alerts, you are probably one of the first people in the world to get the news!

The mobile Web revolution has started, and we're glad that you're part of it! 
Download Opera Mini right now and show all your friends the best Internet 
experience you can get on phones today.

Visit http://www.operamini.com/beta/ for more information, or visit the same address using your phone's WAP browser to download Dimension directly to your phone.

To leave feedback to help us improve Opera Mini, please use the form found here: http://www.operamini.com/beta/feedback

Thanks for choosing Opera,

Your friends at Opera Software 

After my yawn I went to my RSS Feeds and found that Tommi was already blogging about it.  Lol, time difference.

I was able to successfully install and run the new Opera Mini on my N95, but had issues with the E61i.  It couldn't detect my phone.  Anyone else have any issues?


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Well, I downloaded the beta on my N75, and of course the first site I visited was this one! The navigation bar under the logo (Main, Lifeblog, Shop, etc.) did not render well. It wrapped to three separate lines of options. The rest of the page looked good, however. I found no problems with the wrapping of text around images (though in the preview view, it looked like the text overwrote the graphics).

So far, so good.

Frank Koehntopp

I also couldn't download with my E61 (built-in browser). I used the "old" Opera Mini version on the E61, which handed over the download link to the built-in browser - THAT worked ;)


Does Opera Mini 4 support landscape mode?


I also used the "old" Opera Mini and it downloaded just fine to my E61.

I figured that the old version was similar to the WAP browser in its behaviour and hence would work.

Someone should tell Opera that the new S60 devices don't have a WAP browser anymore.


10 reasons to love Opera Mini 4 beta

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