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June 29, 2007

Nokia's Bill Plummer Talks iPhone on CNBC

by Darla Mack

Bill_plummer We've known the Nokia N95 to be the "iPhone Killer" for quite some time now.  Whether iPhone fanatics want to believe it or not.

Nokia's N95 which was announced in September of 2006 has all the features and then some of what the iPhone will offer, BUT, Nokia has honestly covered the market on it 1st.  Even though they haven't put out the marketing and advertising hoopla that Apple is known for, Nokia fans and consumers are well aware of the N95.

According to the news this morning, this has prompted other manufacturers such as Windows Mobile to start their own "iPhone Killer" designs. 

This morning on CNBC Bill Plummer, Nokia's VP in charge of Multimedia North America, sat down with Becky Quick to share the details of what the N95 is all about.

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Wow is it just me or was the panel there trying to get him to make a disparaging comment about the I phone? Way to take the high road Bill!



Yes I noticed that too!!! Bill Plummer did an excellent job on addressing the issues.


What restraint!! This guy did not let "iPhone" come out of his mouth! He must have run to the bathroom after the interview to scream iPhone at the top of his lungs.


So even a business news channel is lowered to taunting presenters. I really wanted to throttle that woman, and I'm not that kind of guy. The smug condescending look on her face.

Bill did excellently. Its a shame the American public have been so behind in the times that the first real phone that comes will smart functions and GREAT AD campaign (you know which i'm talking about), they soak it up like a sponge.
Nokia just got there too late and they have abit of an uphill struggle. They should price the sim free N95 more competitively and FFS START FLODDING THE AIRWAVES WITH ADVERTS!!!

btw Darla, you changed you title to focus on Nokia and S60 now? or did i just not notice it all this time?

Søren Sprogø

Haha, pretty funny how he's not a) directly answering the questions and b) with great skill avoids making any comment on the iThingy.

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