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June 12, 2007

Nokia To Rival Apple's iTunes Ads

by Darla Mack

I think I've seen only one iTunes ad... I'm sure more have been on but I'm not a big TV person so I've probably missed them.

According to the New York Post, Nokia along with several different manufacturers are starting campaigns to rival against Apple's iPhone.  Why now?  The N95 has been out for awhile now in retail channels here in the US... that commercial should have been out ages ago.  Thats just my opinion, but I'm sure Nokia has their reasons for waiting.

This week Nokia is taking on Apple by launching an ad blitz in New York for its N95 smart phone, which boasts a big screen, phone, camera and music player.

The marketing campaign - including events, street teams, print and retail advertising - will also feature Bluetooth-enabled bus shelters where people can download music tracks with their mobile phones.

So this explains the Nseries NYC Campaign that I mentioned earlier. 


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Niels van Eck

If Nokia is really serious about competing with the iphone, they better go make sure iTunes Plus AAC files play without modification on N-Series phones..

Ricky Cadden

This is cool and all, but utterly a waste. Why? Because, Nokia, the iPhone is being sold NATIONWIDE. NOT IN ONE CITY.

This is why I have a huge problem with Nokia's "marketing" practices in the US. We get ridiculous ads like that one with the hillbilly sitting on his bed listening to his Dukes of Hazzard ringtone. Why did you even waste the money?

If you're going to do some marketing, freakin MARKET. Learn from your competitors. SE has great ads, and you can't argue with the iPhone ads. They're dead-simple, and make me want the iPhone.

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