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June 19, 2007

Nokia Podcast App To Get an Update

by Darla Mack

NewpodcastmenuNewmusicplayermenu I've recently been tipped off that Nokia's Podcasting App is scheduled for an upgrade.

Some of the updates include:

1. The upcoming version of the Nseries Music Player will support
simple Bookmarking.  (Remembers where you stopped listening to your

2. The upcoming version of the Nseries Music Player will separate
audio podcast files from the music files, so your music collection
wont be messed up with the podcasts.

I will give more details once given.


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Just in time! I may never speak to anyone again. Blogscasts on my phone and my iPod.

Si Brindley

That's brilliant news! These are the two things I'd really like to see. Now I can finally get rid of my iPod!

N95 user

I got some more info on this from the podcast app. team:

1. The new music player is part of a new product to be launched early fall

2. It MAY be available for some current phones like the N95 as a firmware update, but is not confirmed whether this will be the case or not (I REALLY HOPE SO!).

3. The bookmarking feature and separation of podcasts from music is part of the new music player software - NOT of the podcasting app. so you'll only get the bookmarking feature if you have this new player on your phone.

4. Betatest of the new Podcast app. seems to be sheduled for sometime in August.

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