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June 19, 2007

Nokia N76 Red Theme

by Darla Mack

N76_theme Ed from Eseries.org has come across a bunch of themes.  Since I know people have been looking for the red N76 default theme I figured I'd share it here. 

The N76 Red Theme by Mobile-Reviews.de work on both Eseries and Nseries devices.

Now if anyone can point me to the black one I'd be ever so happy!!

Download N76 Red Theme

[via: E-series.org]


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I'll be downloading this soon! Yeah ME!!!


great theme, but how come the front caller ID screen wont work on the N75? i thought/hoped it would be fine, as this is an N76 theme. hmm. oh well.
thanks :)


Hi Darla,

this theme is "created" by me (it's NOT the original N76 red theme), so some credits will be nice. Plus the fact, that downloads should be directed to the proper site:





No disrespect intended. The reason that I include downloads here is because sometimes people look for content that ends up getting removed by the site owners due to bandwidth.

The link that you provided for the download source is not what I found on Eseries.org, so you might wanna talk to Ed as well. I have changed the link.

Are you working on the Black version as well?


Yep, the black version should be a piece of cake. It's just a black & white version of the red one.

Thanks for your understanding. And i knew, that there was no disrespect intented.

This way it's easier for me to update my themes. Just one upload and everybody can use the new version.

And i will talk to Ed as well.

CU (and i really like your blog :-) )



Yes, I'll make the grey N76 theme, too. It's just a black%white version of the red one.

Thanks for your understanding, and i knew, that there was no disrespect intended. This way it's much easier for me to update my themes. One upload and everybody can use the new version.

Looks like i have to talk to Ed, too.

CU (btw: i really like your blog)



N76 Grey Theme is online (at my site) ...


Hey, dragon-tmd, any way to make a "N75" version of your themes? When I use N76_Red, N76_Grey, and Uni_Black, the caller ID on the flip either doesn't show up or it's white on white. These are three of the best themes I've ever seen, but I can't use them if I can't see who is calling :(

Any chance for a slightly different version that works? :)

Tried to send you feedback on your page, but it kept giving me an error about the captcha code being wrong.

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