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June 18, 2007

Nokia N73 Firmware Update Includes Major Improvements

by Darla Mack

Symbian-Guru reports that the Nokia N73 has received major improvements in its newest update.  According to the discussions on Symbian Freak's Forums, the update includes both N73 ME and IE capabilities.  That sounds awesome!! 

The new version, 4.0723.2.0.1, is for the plain (aka vanilla) N73 devices and are not available for all regions (aka product codes).

Although we don't have a definate changelog, some of the improvements include:

  1. Added FOTA (firmware over the air updates) abilities... YAY
  2. Added the Music Edition's music player, complete with an "exit" option.
  3. Support for A2DP BT profiles
  4. Snakes has been removed.... hopefully there will be a download somewhere

This is great news and hopefully I can successfully update mine and post some screenshots.  But be sure to check out Symbian-Freak for more info and screenshots.


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If you want Snakes back, just go o the N95 support pages ( http://europe.nokia.com/A4323689 ) and insall it, works fine on my N73. :)


Update: 4.0723.2.0.1 is no longer available via NSU.. FW version is back to 3.0713.1.0.2..


It is now available to update your Nokia n73
from the current 3.0713.1.0.2 to the newer
firmware available via NSU: 4.0726.2.0.1!


Observed Changes:

* The MUSIC PLAYER is now the same like the Music Ed.
* NEWER version of REAL PLAYER is installed
REAL PLAYER version s60.30.23.01 D June 7, 2007
* The Front Camera is now less-blurred and fuzzy
* The menus are now more responsive than ever
* Multimedia Key retains its old function
* F-Secure Installer is still there
* Settings Wizard is still there

* SNAKES Game has been removed
* Only four themes are available: Nokia (Default), Glass, Lights and Motion.. NO STAVE and NO WAVEFORM..

Proud Nokia N73 Owner
Regards to Darla, the one and only Mobile Diva!


Just tried my N73 product code and PC Suite, but no luck. Wondering if anyone else has found another way to force a firmware upgrade? Did it work?


i just bought my N73-ME, the phone is in 2GB and i just used 30MB more or less. and it seems like a little bit slow in loading application or even just read my incoming sms. what is the problem? or its usual? should like do something to make my device run faster and smoother? please advice, thank you.


to wapski,

where did you find the firware update 4.0723.2.0.1 for n73 i've searched nokia.com the only update is still the 3.0713.1.0.2..

hei im new here im surfing the net for the updates. Hope you dont mind for butting in. Thanks very much


I just updated my Nokia N73 to Music Edition. I was able to get SNAKES back, I got my favorate themes, Stave and waveform. There's also a very major improvement on my volume. I love my phone morethan anything. Oh also, I now have a music button, just like the N91, It works like the N91 now. I am so happy :)

Rahul Ray

I have recently upgraded my Nokia N73 to the latest version4.0727.2.2.1

The UI has become much faster

But I am facing a problem
Whenver I am dialling/receiving calls, a cursor is blinking beside the number. I don't know why. Is it software problem?

Please send me mail.




i have nokia n73, but can i update its firmware to n73 music edition? Really need answer...


I too had updated my NokiaN73 Me. to the newer version. The changes I noticed was terrible. The services folder was now changed as Internet the music button in the key pad displays radio on a strong press and music in a soft press so many changes had been noticed. Others please share their views


Just updated to Ver 4.0727.2.2.1. Bluetooth A2DP (I have motorola HT820 BT H/phones) can be confirmed.

nihal ahsan

can any1 guide me how i can upgrade n73


I just updated my N73, lost snakes and my 3d effect ringtones! Does anyone know where to regain these 3d effect tones and snake? Would be much appreciated!



Just got upgraded to V4. Anyone knows how can I get Japanese input? Can I downgrade firmware? How? Thank you so much!!


bought my n73 ME in june 07, upgrade the firmware in august 07 from v3 to v4.0727.2.2.1 04-07-2007 with nokia site.

Great things happen like now i can play java games, a lot of software can be install and faster processing.

Pround to have n73ME.

Abhishek Chandra

Hi, i have a N73, i can't refesh songs after transfering songs from my laptop., nothing happens after pressing "refresh music library" i have recently updated the latest version of N73 software, Ver 4.0727.2.2.1. please help...


Do not update if u are using GPS receiver v1.2

Tom Tom Navigator will not work with this update version
this version only update GPS reciver v1.2 to v2 so ur v1.2 GPS reciver will not track any signal with this update.i had this problem, before u do something make sure what u are doing..



I also updated recently and the phone is definitely more responsive....BUT I can no longer use my Jabra bluetooth (BT250V) anyone else experience this problem? I used my headset for over a year with this phone and now after the update it wont connect. HELP HELP HELP !!!


i hav latest firmware in my n73me. Its 4.0736.3.2.1 but i dont hav a2dp. How do i check it. I dont see the option play via bluetooth in my music player. It has exit option as in new firmware but no a2dp. People saying 4.0727.2.2.1 has it but mine firmware is newer than that. Any comments. Plz.


I have N73ME and I have updated it to the firmware i.e. 4.0727.2.2.1
Now I am facing a problem that after some time music key stop working. But when I restart my phone it start working again for some time. Any solution?

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