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June 20, 2007

Nokia - Made in Finland vs Made by Nokia

by Darla

This has been an ongoing thing on Howard Forums.  When tech nerds go shopping for Nokia's they often prefer devices that are "made in Finland" as compared to anywhere else. 

Nikos over on the MiVADiKA Forum explains the differences between the 2 N95's from the different regions.  The one on the left is Made in Finland and the one on the right is Made by Nokia.

  • N95 The "Made in Finland" model gets developed as it says in Finland Europe, while the "Made by NOKIA" in Hong Kong China.
  • As stated the retail Box is different.
  • Both models are coming with 1GB microSD card* (*some countries are excluded)
  • The "Made by NOKIA" box includes a Nokia Case.
  • also the "Made by NOKIA" box includes a Screen Protector.
  • Both of them are coming with firmware version: v10.0.018 installed
  • The "Made in Finland" model has the bug and doesn't switch to "Silent" Profile when you press and hold the # key. "Made by NOKIA" model doesn't have that problem. (Tested also with the latest firmware)
  • Built Quality for the "Made in Finland" model is better. At least to our case. We notice that the "Made by NOKIA" models have a loose slider. "Made in Finland" models feels much more stable. Thats based in seven different devices three of them was "Made by NOKIA" and the other four was "Made in Finland". Only one Made in Finland has a noticeable loose slider.

I've often wondered myself and really never paid much attention to it... only what people have mentioned.  I think I've come across a few devices that were "Made by Nokia"  and the only difference I noticed back then was the font.  But I can tell you this... Nokia consumers definately know which versions they want and will even pay extra for them!

If you've used both have you noticed any differences between the 2 regions?  What are your reasons for choosing one over the other?

Thanks Nikos!


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Christof R. Mayer

Have a Nokia which is, according to those criteria, a "Made in Finland" handset.
Updated Firmware, V 11.0.026 17-04-07 RM-159 Nokia N95 (B2.01).
Language "German" selected.
But: the # key definitly works fine, i.e. toggle to silend and the to general profile

Christof R. Mayer

.. and forgot to mention (in my previous comment): My "Made in Finland" N95 came with a NOKIA 512MB MICRO SD, in contradiction to "..Both models are coming with 1GB microSD card* (*some countries are excluded).."

Mike J

If not for the US warranty I would have bought a Made by Nokia model over the MIF. Free screen cover and case is worth it. My N73 and N90 were both MBN and to say the least they are both solid phones. My N95 came w/a wobbly slider and the buggy silent# button. I don't think one model/manufacturer is better than the other and if you have the opportunity to see & choose your phone than you should scrutinize your selection...otherwise your rolling the dice (which, sadly, shouldn't be the case when it comes to the N95 and its build quality).


I have a made in finland N95 & its pretty sturdy. It came with a 1 GB card......and I dont have the problem of # key silent mode.

In my opinion made in finland handsets are better. My previous handsets like N80, N70, 7610, 6600, etc were all made in finland. And I never faced a problem in any of them. And my cousin used some made by nokia handsets.....and he had the software problems in some.

Also I have heard that made in china handsets are not allowed in middle east, as they didnt pass the quality test. So only made in finland handsets are sold there. I cant verify this, as I am in India.......but my friend who lives in saudi arabia told me this.


Same here. I have a "Made in Finland". The silent mode with # works fine. I came with 512 MB MicroSD.


"The "Made in Finland" model has the bug and doesn't switch to "Silent" Profile when you press and hold the # key."

This is not a bug. Phones are slightly customized for different markets.


Mine is made by Nokia and everything is just perfect. I guess there is always some percentage of defects in every batch of devices made. Like some of you had no problem with the # and some of you did. Whether it was made by Nokia in Hongkong China or in Finland, I think they have to follow certain standards.

Vince Segovia

I think you might have the "# for Silent" thing back to front. On MBN models (such as my "Singapore/APAC" E65) the "# for Silent" won't work. I don't know if it's a bug or an intentional modification but, if it's the latter, I can't imagine why Nokia would disable this feature.

Duncan Sample

I'd never thought to look, but after digging out my old boxes for my E70 and 6680 they were both made in Finland and were always very sturdy.



does anyone have a clue where i can find the made by Nokia in australia victoria?

if anyone has a clue also for a good price.email me at [email protected]

Thanks for your help! =]


I THINK BOTH "made in" & "made by" are excellent. The rest is just bull.


Im planning to buy N73, How will I know if it is made in Finland or china


I m using nokia n95 made in finland model. But when I insert the sim card in it, it will be restart again and again. can anybody tell me about this problm? why it is happend.....???

shailesh deshpande

always buy Nokia mobiles which shows Made in Finland. Price varies above your imagination. N73 or N95 will have diffrence of atleast 70 to 100 £. Which matters a lot. Many times in UK, you will find resslers selling nokia handsets showing T mobile or O2 sign on them but they are unlocked. NO NEVER buy these phones. Once they unlocked you cant claim them for warranty because they change software. Outside UK,EU or except contries like US it is very difficult to get Nokia Made in Finland as Nokia's 80% production is in China & some in India. Made by Nokia phones are from China or India. India quality is OK but what about cinese one ? So dont accept if seal is broken or unlocked phones carring sign of T mobile or 02.

If you seriously concern about buying good & original Nokia phone I will suggest you to go to www.nokia.co.uk & buy online, you will get atleast 50 £ diffrence in price but quality is excellant.


I own a 'made in china' model and only after 3 weeks of use the slider feels as if its going to fall off literaly and the silver keys on the front of the handset are starting to fade to a bronze colour, the phone says 'made in china' on the inside of the phone and on the battery.
this is ridiculous for a 'top of the line' phone


Im planning to buy a n80 phone but its say made in finland i dont know if its going to work good i would rather if somebody tell me if its work well or not??

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