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June 21, 2007

New Version of Yahoo! Go 2.0 Coming Friday

by Darla Mack

While its not the cool Yahoo!Go app that some N73 and N80 users have, Yahoo! reports that is launching Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 in general availability in the US and the availability of fully localized beta versions in 13 countries.

The new version of Yahoo! Go 2.0 will be available this Friday and will support over 200 different mobile phones in the US by the end of July, expanding to more than 400 by end of year.

Some of the enhancements include:

  • Overview_02 Faster than ever before – Greatly increased speed, including substantially reduced loading time, makes it even more fun to use.
  • Even better e-mail – Ability to read more types of attachments, including PDF files and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents, and access to Yahoo! Mail folders.
  • More powerful maps – View both satellite and hybrid maps, current traffic conditions and optional GPS integration on select devices, including the Blackberry 8800.
  • Easier to stay connected – Search Yahoo! Address Book contacts to call or get driving directions with one-click and view Yahoo! Calendar, even search for specific entries.
  • Better mobile search results – Faster access to better results with just oneSearch.

Yahoo! is also announcing that it has signed partnership agreements with six major mobile operators across Asia focused on distributing Yahoo! oneSearch.  The six mobile operators are Globe Telecom (Philippines), Idea Cellular Limited (India), LG Telecom (Korea), Maxis Communications Berhad (Malaysia), PT Telekomunikasi Selular “Telkomsel” (Indonesia) and Taiwan Mobile (Taiwan). 

The partnerships give Y! a leadership position in mobile search in Asia adding nearly 100 million subscribers.

[via: Press Release]


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I remember the original release of Yahoo Go! for Nokia- it was a native sis application, integrated seamlessly with the phone's addressbook, calendar and message store and most important-it had Yahoo Messenger. They've removed that now, turned it into a memory hungry J2ME application, and all I see is a sort of mobile portal to existing Yahoo services.
I still have the original version on my N73, and I can't believe they're trumpeting this as an 'enhancement'!!

Umesh Dewal

I downloaded the new version today and I absolutely agree with Rex above. I still have original version of Yahoo Go on my old 6681 and when I compare it with the new one on my E65, the new one just sucks. It's a step back for yahoo surely.

Problems I face are:

1) The application doesn't auto start.
2) Asks for connectivity and access points every time.
3) On my E65, with Push Mail set to off, it doesn't disconnect the GPRS/EDGE connection. It simply puts it to hold mode.
4) No "Folder" support for yahoo mail.
5) Not major, but no yahoo messenger !!

I'd rather use some 3rd party client to access yahoo now I guess - have checked two already and two more in pipeline. Lets see who wins.




Looks like July for the S60 port.



When I tried downloading from the get yahoo website I actually got an N80 link to use. Managed to download and install successfully, however it starts and hangs on "This screen size is not supported". I'll stick with the original anyway.

Dave Zatz

Go 2.0 Windows Mobile support didn't launch today. :/


I like it. Of course, I haven't used the old one. I'm using my first Nokia phone, an N95, and I'm glad to find new stuff for it. Thanks for your blog, Darla. It's a major resource for me.


i like it. Of course, I haven't used the old one. I'm using my first Nokia phone, an N95, and I'm glad to find new stuff for it. Thanks for your blog, Darla. It's a major resource for me.

map quest

Updated the map page to use Google maps. You can now link right to Google maps and enter your address for directions, zoom in and out, use the terrain setting or satellite setting.

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