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June 29, 2007

N95 vs iPhone - The Final Episode

by Darla Mack

Well its 7:40PM here on the East Coast.  People have purchased their iPhones and are happily heading home.  And here is the last and final episode of Ricky and Stefan's N95 vs iPhone series.

Hats off to Ricky and Stefan who have kept us entertained all week!!!

[via:  Symbian-Guru]

NOTE:  My apologies for those that found the video to be offensive.  I've decided to remove the video because of its content and the comments will now be closed.


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I was pretty amused by these until the last three words of this last episode. :\

john appleseeeeeeed

"are you gay?" guy this is the worst thing ever. ever! now im gonna go buy apple


My apologies for the comment in the video and for anyone that was offended by it, but I had nothing to do with its creation. I know both Ricky and Stefan personally and they are good guys. I'm sure that the comment wasn't meant to be taken personally.

Matthew Stevens

You have been tagged.



hahah.. its so funny to call someone gay. haha...
Oh wait.. its not 1982 anymore? I wasn't aware. LAME!


Yeah, they screwed up at the end :/ I was going to link all these videos on my blog but now I just can't.


I didn't like it either, but it's kinda funny when the "rainbow apple" logo appears, because Apple did use that logo from 1976 to 1999 and the "rainbow pride flag" has almost exactly the same colors! That's funny, but not the "gay joke". =/

(By the way Darla, love your blog!)


an english radio DJ used the same expression, in a similar context (about ringtones):


give the guys a break - if you are offended by that word in that context is because of what they said or what you think?


I'm offended because it's ignorant, insensitive, and personally offencive. I'm honestly not sure what point you're trying to make with a radio DJ -- as though they're paragons of good taste and behaviour. Ricky may well be a wonderful guy, and I'm sure he is. I enjoy his blog and his contributions at HoFo, but offencive is offencive, and I have to call it on that. Sorry! Next time I'll keep my mouth shut.


I love reading your blog Darla......but I had seen this first on Ricks blog....and I am without a doubt hitting #1 on your list..........Rick is a complete disappointment and I am ashamed that I ever read his blog.......I really hope that you are better than this.......Best Regards!!!!!!!!


I'm sorry guys... I can't take back or change what was said, but if it makes everyone feel better I will remove the video.


I'm gay. I wasn't offended at all.

It was pretty tongue in cheek and not meant to offend I'm sure.

It wasn't as funny as the first two though.

Give the guys a break, they entertained us for free ;)


What's wrong with N95 asking iPhone if he's happy? ;)

I think their intention is to poke fun at the ringtone and has nothing to do with offending people gay or otherwise. Maybe the happy, merry and gay people have a better sense of humour =D


It is not offensive. It is not funny either.

Xavier Gill

"I'm sure that the comment wasn't meant to be taken personally."

Would you be so understanding if the joke was that he just stole an iPhone and the other asked "Are you black?"? Of course not because stereotyping in that wasy is moronic, lazy and ignorant.


@Deidre et all.

My point about the radio DJ and its is quite clear in the linked article... was that this term has actually moved from a 'negative' description of a persons sexuality to a simply negative term. I beleive this is born out by the fact the authors of the video are not homophobic - that is to say they did not realise that it would offend due to fact that they did not beleive it to be an offensive term. If, as a society, we would like to continue to view this term as a slander on one sexuality then, fine be offended. Personally I would never judge someone on their sexuality and i do not beleive that 'gay' is a word to describe sexuality but actually a word to describe someones demenour or general manner.

i love ur site darla and best of luck with #8!!! You CAN do it :)


Yes trifin, but you see, both "homosexual" and "gay" words mean the same thing when we're talking about the big chapter of sex.

I know it also means happy or being in a happy mood and I also know things change, but as being gay used to "meant a bad thing", now my stupidly ignorant teenager brother uses it when he means something bad... It's a big sign of being ignorant about words and I think they could use another expression for the last scene.

But I'm not offended, I'm sure they didn't meant it the "bad way" =)



Actually, no I wouldn't be offended. Just because I'm black doesn't mean that I fit into the stereotypical demographics of the idiots that make up the stereotypes anyway. I'm old skool... I still believe in the "sticks and stones" theory. Plus, I've always been taught the evaluate the people that say these things.

Andrew - bravehound.com

I'm gay, and I find it pretty irritating that this video is on every Nokia blog I come across. I was *hoping* it wasn't here, too.

When a couple of guys bent on dissing the iPhone use a slur like that as their jab at the iPhone, they are meaning it in a bad way. And while that's just a couple of guys goofing off, I'm surprised that EVERY Nokia blogger found this appropriate, and evidently brilliant enough to endorse and share.

I've gotten two "what the fuck?!" emails from gay readers on my blog that clicked on this & other sites on my blogroll, and came across the video. Do I tell them, "oh, they don't think the iPhone is *actually* gay, they're just calling it gay because they really don't like it." ...always a nice message for gay people - they don't get enough of it, really.

And so, while I usually take the random comment like this in stride, I'm not very thrilled at the Nokia community's exuberant endorsement of the message.

@Darla - I'm disappointed and confused as to why you call people who perpetuate stereotypes idiots, yet endorse and defend these two in particular.

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