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June 29, 2007

Mail For Exchange For the N95 and N73 - Coming Soon

by Darla Mack

Mfe_banner Rumor over at S60blogg.se is that sometime today Mail for Exchange will be made available for download through Nokia Download!on the N73 and N95 devices and on the Business Software website.

More Nseries devices are said to be supported sometime in Autumn.


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Makes sense Nokia resellers in europe have been advertising the N95 with Mail for exchange so this is super news.


Darla, sure enough Mail for Exchange was in my Download! folder once updated this morning, but I noticed the N95 not on the list of compatible devices on the webpage. I'm going to try it with the settings for the N90, but just wanted to let you know.


Edit - Scratch that...there aren't any NSeries devices on the list.


Sounds like a good trade. The Nseries can have Mail for Exchange, now bring the Eseries LifeBlog!


Darla -- the N73 already works with Mail for Exchange... just download the version for the E-Series devices, install it, set it up, and voila.

It still doesn't allow you to display the mail plugin on the home screen like the E-Series, but it will poll your mail and sync calendar, contacts, etc.

A few people have been using this for months, sounds like Nokia is just making it official.





Yeah I noticed the same thing. Also it has the phone icon over the app icon which makes it seem that its already installed... which it isn't.


What an earlier poster said. Sounds like nokia just making it official as i have been using mail for exchange on my n80 for well over 6 months and i now use it on my n95.


I refreshed my Downloads folder and it appeared. Followed the linkage etc couldn't find the N95 listed. Downloaded the e65 version and it wont run. Says my device not supported.

Thanks for the confusion Nokia. Half baked!


I updated my Downloads as well and it appears on my N95. When I follow the install link there is still no listing for the N95. I hope this rumor is based on fact because I was literally a few hours away from listing my N95 on Ebay. Mail for Exchange is what will convince me to keep it.


Like the others, got the icon in Download! thats about it. Hope this is for real too.


Is it too good to be true???

Is Nokia fooling all that were using older working versions of this software???

After installing, I got: Unsupported!!!

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