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June 19, 2007

Customizing Your Mobile Web Server Template

by Darla Mack

As with any new device I receive I always have to customize it to reflect "me".  Rafe's Mobile Site was the first one that I viewed and immediately I had to know how he customized his page.

I found that the steps are quite simple and you might even come across a few tips of your own.  Lol, please feel free to share them with me!!

Lets begin:

With your device connected via BT or USB go into Windows File Browser or Nokia Phone Browser if using PC Suite.  Since I did this using PC Suite please share if you have used a different method.

Depending on where you saved the MWS application select either memory card.  Once opened go to data > Web Server > htdocs > Framework > Themes.  There you will find different CSS docs for the included MWS templates.  You don't want to edit these.  Instead you will create a new one based on the existing theme that you chose.  For example, I created a new theme based on the default.css.


Open the theme CSS that you wish to use by double-clicking.  This should open in Notepad.  Select and copy the content and close by going to File and Exit.  Open a new Notepad page and paste the selection.  Here is where you will start to edit.  Minimize the window for right now.

Since I did the basic of creating a new banner we will start there.  Go back to the Themes folder and open _PalbTN folder.  Inside you will find the image folders for all the themes in the MWS.  Copy the folder marked "Ocean" and paste it to your desktop.  DO NOT CUT THE FOLDER!!  With the Nokia Phone Browser you cannot view the images directly from the phone so copying the folder is easier.

Once pasted to your desktop, open the folder and select the Default folder.  Rename the folder by right-clicking and assign a name that you will use for your theme.

Inside the folder you will find the image for the Default css which is titled "Ocean".  Now what I did was open the image to get the same size dimensions.  I don't need to tell you how to create a banner or image that you chose to use so I'll skip that.  Once you have created your image you can remove the one titled "Ocean" since this was the default image for that theme.  Create a folder on your desktop and name it to whatever you chose to name your new template.  Once you've created your image, save it to the folder that you renamed on your desktop.

Now restore your copied Default CSS in Notepad.  In the CSS look for the line that has the path:



This is found under "div.header {".  Change the ocean/logo_banner.jpg to the image name that you created.  Remember that the image name that you created is going to be placed in the  _PalbTN folder so the path must include that.  The second part is the folder of the Theme that you created, and the last part is the title of the image.

As this is only for changing the banner we will close this.  Go to File and save as.  Name your file whatever you chose to call your new template.  Save as .css.  Save to desktop.

Now its time to put everything where it belongs.  Open the Nokia Phone Browser or Windows File Manager again and follow the path to get back to the Themes folder.  Move your new CSS file to the Themes folder.  Then open the PalbTN folder and add your new image folder. 

If your MWS app is running, go to your MWS page on your PC or Lappytop.  Login and go to your settings and select themes.


Your newly created theme should show in the dropdown menu under the themes section!!

I haven't braved changing anything else as of yet.  I did change the font color but that was by accident, lol. 

If you come across any other tips please feel free to drop them in the comments section!


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Nice post, now I have to go mess with my themes. :)


Hey, Darla.

Didn't you say you weren't interested in running the MWS a couple days ago? : P

Anyway, I've been trying to get this thing working all day, but I'm obviously missing something. I can see my site, but the only account I can make work is the guest account, which doesn't show any apps in the browser.

How about a walkthrough? I'd write one myself, but I'd need to figure it out first!



Thanks Darla!

Funny that, I was going to comment this morning and ask you how you customized your MWS template and there you are posting instructions. Talking about instant gratification, lol.


I fear loading this because the operating RAM in the N95 is so lacking already. What does having this loaded do to it? How much RAM does it take? As it is I usually can't load two apps at once (like editing a photo after taking a pic closes the web browser in the background).


What's with that licence agreement?

"(d) You may not...attempt to discover the source code of the software"

Isn't it open source? Am I missing something?

Other parts of it are dubious too...

Avinash Rathod

Hey i was able to run it, its pretty simple.
If you are having login problems, u've most probably forgot ur password.
Remember there has to be an Uppercase char. (username: ur subdomain).

You will get to see more options once you allow access rights from the admin account.

Avinash Rathod

Abhishta Paranjpe

More on customizations to the web server :)


Stephano Marshall

A i missing something? I donwloaded the latest version of the webserver but I don't have a default site. How to get this?


dear darla,,,why can't i open the file from the "PAlbTn" folder?can u help me,,,coz i've just erased my picture,,but i do still have it in that "PAlbTn" folder...

need ur advice...

txs b4...

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